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These days more and more people have started consuming multivitamins as part of their diets. Doctors have started prescribing them to tackle different health issues and thus the demand for multivitamins have increased rapidly. A massive change in the lifestyles of most people, especially working men and women, along with deteriorating environmental conditions has impacted the general health immensely in the last years. Increased stress levels, exhaustion coupled with poor food quality and on top lack of exercise has caused deficiency and other health issues in people all over the world. Listed below are a few health problems for which the best multivitamins in India and other countries are prescribed.

Health Problems That Require Multivitamins

  • Vitamin D deficiency – As most working people stay indoors for prolonged hours, they lack exposure to the sun which causes vitamin D deficiency. Therefore they need to start taking multivitamins that are rich in vitamin D and other required nutrients so that they can prevent diseases that acre caused by this deficiency. Purayati offers Vitamin D3 supplements that increases calcium absorption in the body and improves metabolism and immunity.
  • Bone Health – Our sedentary lifestyles and sitting at desk for long hours has done considerable damage to our bone health. Not only ageing people but also young folks are suffering from joint pains, shoulder pains, backbone issues and other related problems due to lack of calcium in the body as well as other nutrients. Moreover, children need to take care of their bones from a young age so that they can have a sustained growth. Purayati has a range of multivitamins like Calcium D3 and Mineral supplement, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3, and also Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM that focus on improving the bone health as well as cure any damage.
  • Weight Management – Due to work pressure, most people don’t eat properly or lack a balanced diet, thus suffer from deficiencies. This results in rapid weight loss or in some cases obesity if a large proportion of junk food is consumed. Right exercise is needed but it needs to be complemented with the right multivitamins that will help the process and give better results. Purayati’s Garcinia Extract capsules as well as Natural Dry Fruit Whey and Milk protein powder works very effectively in solving the problem and helps in maintaining the right weight and nutrition balance in the body.
  • Biotin Deficiency – Biotin deficiency is a serious issue which is caused by extreme stress level, undisciplined lifestyle as well as inherent health problems. This deficiency results in hair loss, dry skin, nail breakage, rash outbreak, mood swings, depression and many other issues. In these cases biotin tablets need to be added to the diet.
  • Fatigue – Work pressure and high stress level causes exhaustion, lethargy and other problems which reduces work capacity and lowers performance level. In these cases multivitamins add extra boost of energy to make people more active and attentive. Purayati has multivitamin supplements curated for men and women that focus on increasing energy levels.

These are the main reasons why multivitamins are widely in demand and prescribed by doctors everywhere. They don’t have any side effects but consultation with the doctor is definitely suggested to prevent any problem.


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