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9 things to consider before you dye your hair a new color

Dyeing your hair not only changes your physical appearance, but it can change the way you feel about yourself as well. Making the decision to dye your hair could stem from the need to cover greys or the desire to start fresh and feel like a new person. If you’re not a hair-dyeing veteran, then you may feel a bit hesitant about taking the plunge.

Should you dye your hair?

There are a lot of things to consider about dyeing hair. It’s important to know the potential risks and to know a few hair coloring tips as well. Before you …

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How to choose the best men’s shaving cream: skin type and other factors

The opinion on shaving amongst men is quite divided. For some, it is an enjoyable activity – they find the sliding of a razor across their face incredibly satisfying, as the blade precisely removes all of the unwanted facial hair. On the other hand, other guys believe that shaving is a nuisance, and if it were not socially expected of them, they would not be doing it at all.

Regardless of which side of the shaving debacle you’re on, you’re probably well aware of the unpleasant side effects of this routine, such as skin irritations and itchy bumps. More …

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How to detox with your beauty regimen

Every day, you’re exposed to a variety of chemicals in the form of the food you eat, the air that you breathe, and the products you apply on your skin. While you may not notice the effects they have on your body right away, these things build up over time. You don’t want to wait until this leads to some health issues, which is why it’s important to incorporate a detox into your beauty regimen.

Here are some of the ways you can get rid of the toxins in your body while doing your hair and skincare routine.

1. Go

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