man and woman running
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8 reasons to start running – today!

So, you’ve been thinking about taking up running? Awesome! I highly encourage you to do so.

However, there’s a problem – you’ve only been thinking and not actually doing anything so you’re beginning to doubt that you’ll ever even give it a try. Don’t worry my friend, as this is an issue that many have faced (and overcome) before, so you will too.

I’m not sure what’s holding you back, but I know how good our brains are at making excuses, so today, I’d like to inspire you and hopefully give you a little push past those mental …

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girl playing piano

Why it’s worth hiring a piano teacher when you want to get music lessons

Want to play your piano like an A-star? Well, it doesn’t come that easy. Music is an art. Of course, there are those who are talented at it. But if your talent is not near there, then getting the services of a piano teacher is the way to go. Plus, learning a piano is time-consuming, requires a lot of commitment, and can be expensive in the long-run. Therefore, hiring a piano teacher for your music lessons is worth it for the following reasons. But first,

Why learn piano?

Music is good for the soul. With piano lessons, you give yourself …

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man wakeboarding
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10 tricks you can do on wakeboard

After learning the fundamentals of wakeboarding, make sure you learn some basic wakeboarding tricks. If you are skilled enough, you can also learn some advanced tricks. Unlike other water sports like kitesurfing and surfing, wakeboarding has a steep learning curve, and there is a lot to be learned. Hence, it is necessary to be equipped with the proper skills and equipment from companies like Water Skiers Connection in order to succeed. Here are ten tricks you can do on a wakeboard.

1. Crossing the Wake

As you ride along, be sure to turn your chest and shoulders so that they …

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