beautiful girl sleeping with dog

How sleep deprivation affects your skin & beauty?

We have all come across the term “beauty sleep”, and while we have all experienced the griefs of a sleepless night, not all people understand exactly why. Overall, numerous things go wrong for the health and beauty of the skin from sleep deprivation. However, there’s one main culprit behind the eye bags, fine lines, and dull appearance and that’s the Cortisol, a stress hormone.

Cortisol can be a useful and adaptive hormone. But if it is too much, it may result in biological stress in the body, inflammation and the consequent decrease in the health of the skin. This …

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hyaluronic acid skin benefits

Hyaluronic acid blesses you with skin boosting benefits

It is natural if the word acid sounds scary to you. No one wants to put anything named acid on his face. But don’t worry; it won’t fry the face or burn your skin. In fact, it works quite the opposite. A good quality hyaluronic acid for the skin comes with so many skin-boosting benefits. The acid gives you mega moisturization. In today’s world and skin care segment, It has become an increasingly popular ingredient because of its superpower hydrating and anti-aging abilities.

Anti-Aging Benefits

You all know that the wrinkles appear because you lose a few substances along with …

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urinary tract infection

Preventing UTI – living healthy after an infection

Urinary tract infection is a painful and unpleasant infection. The itching and redness, the burning sensation, puss and blood in the urine can be a few symptoms of the problem. If you have gone through this, you already know the pain and trouble, no one wants to go through the experience again, so it is essential to keep ourselves healthy after the infection. Following are some ways to keep you healthy after you have recovered from UTI.

Complete the remedial courses

One of the worst things a patient can do to himself is to skip medicine. An irresponsible behaviour towards …

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