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9 potential benefits of an annual checkup for your health

Your health is very important. So, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to give yourself the best odds of staying healthy?

Booking checkups every year may seem excessive, but if those appointments could potentially save your life, they’re worth the minor inconvenience. They also might keep you and your family from worrying about your health. If money is an obstacle, there are insurance options available to minimize the out-of-pocket costs.

Here are some key potential benefits of getting annual checkups:

1. Save You Time In The Long Run

Having checkups every year, and possibly discovering health concerns from these, …

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5 reasons people go through gut detoxes

Let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t know our limits. A heavy, carb-loaded meal with a side of sugary treats may sound great but before you know it, you end up overeating. As a result, you get bloated, sluggish, and sleepy. If you keep this habit going, you will grow bigger, heavier, overweight, and become more susceptible to medical conditions like sleep apnea and cardiac arrest.

Sure, you can always go to the gym. However, we should also face the fact that the gym is not exactly for everyone. Some just don’t have the time, while some find the gym …

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What is acne mechanica and how to prevent it?

Acne and hormonal changes go hand in hand. Every time you see a pimple, you blame hormones. But have you ever had a clear face but pimply neck or shoulder? Suspicious, right?

Even though you might criticize hormones and bacterias for acne, there are plenty of other reasons behind the red pimply spots on your body.

From medication to changes in diet to wearing tight clothes, everything causes acne.

That’s right. Friction or pressure on your skin can also result in nasty painful bumps called acne mechanica.

And if your skin is already acne-prone, that’s a bonus for acne mechanica …

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