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Sustainable beauty products are all the buzz right now

Sustainable beauty products are all the buzz right now as beauty enthusiasts try their best to be as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability, in itself, is a concept that helps ‘woke’ individuals leave the world a better place for the future generation. This includes eliminating plastic waste, adopting reusable products, and replacing toxic ingredients with natural ingredients. Sounds good? That’s the beauty of using sustainable beauty brands: they help beautify you while ensuring that you do your part for Mother Earth.

Looking for some awesome ways to get started on a sustainable beauty routine? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a short …

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Botox – a few little known facts

Botox is one of the leading anti-aging solutions that were deemed safe by apex authorities way back in 2002. Since then, it has been widely adopted by one and all. In this context, the following sections will shed light on a few little-known aspects of the treatment hence, pay attention:

The treatment doesn’t ‘erase’ signs of ageing

Botox is not a cure-all or an elixir. If someone tells you that it can ‘erase’ all the early signs of ageing then they are lying.

What Botox can do is freeze the areas in your skin that are showing early signs of …

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How often should you wash your hair?

For the past few decades, millions of people have been asking themselves, “How often should I wash my hair?”. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of different variants from the various personalities. Somebody claims it should happen every other day; some are sure that two times per week is enough, and others believe that mass-market only wants money, so washing your hair is not important at all.

But what is the correct answer? Is there a perfect formula for taking care of your hair, and are there any alternatives? We tell you all about it in our article!

What is the

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