dysfunctional family

The legal side of dysfunctional family environments

When a home environment becomes a warzone, those involved need to take action to remedy the situation as best possible. Whether due to addiction, or some other mental illness, the best way to safeguard those in the household is to seek legal advice. Talking to a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re betraying those experiencing difficulties at the moment. Many people associate seeking legal advice with negative experiences. Don’t let your preconceived notions or bias prevent you from doing the right thing. You need to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Addiction affects more and more people every year. Nearly 1 in …

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woman teaching her son on computer

How your kids can game safely online

As a parent, undoubtedly, you’ve heard many times of the many challenges your kids can face when playing video games on the internet or while using social media for networking or for gaming. There are all types of threats targeting the kids in the online gaming world, like hackers, cyberbullies, trolls, and even predators.

In some extreme cases, the risks can lead to doxing, where a threat actor publishes a victim’s personal information like name, number, and address on the internet, among other information. In even more extreme cases, the risks can lead to swatting, where gamers file a false …

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cbd edibles

When did edibles become legal in Canada? The history of how it happened

Cannabis is a flowering plant that initially grew in Asia. Today, this plant grows in many parts of the world. It has many compounds including CBD and THC. People take these two compounds in different forms, with the prevailing one being edibles.

Cannabis edibles are candies, dried fruits, and other manufactured foods infused with the substance. Cannabis edibles were not always available in Canada, but you can now buy the edibles freely in the country due to their legalization.

Cannabis Edibles Explained

Cannabis edibles are available in a wide variety. You can get them in dried fruit form, gummies, cookies, …

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