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How to have fun with your smartphone

You see that gadget known as a smartphone you can’t imagine your life without? There is so much you can do with it than you are already doing. In fact, you have a source of entertainment in the palm of your hands.

Your smartphone isn’t for just keeping in touch with others through calls and messages but rather an incredible gadget you can use in so many wonderful ways. Other than its classic uses such as snapping pictures, taking selfies, watching videos and playing music, there is still a ton of fun things you can do with your smartphone thanks …

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Pros and cons of gambling online

Gone are days when gambling could only take place in a brisk-and-mortal building. Due to the availability of electronic gadgets such as smartphones and internet connectivity, anyone can gamble in the comfort of their homes. Thus, online gambling is here to stay and it’s truly a very popular online adventure.

Gambling is not a recent activity though; it has been there throughout history. Even before the existence of the internet, some people enjoyed gambling. It’s just that in the past, people did not have the chance to do it online. Thanks to innovation and technology, you can now enjoy gambling …

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Things you can’t learn from the books

Books are known to be a wealth of wisdom. While indeed they are, surprisingly, there are certain life hacks and skills that you can’t learn through reading the same books. This could largely be associated with the fact that reading is different from applying what you’ve read to real-life situations.

Anyone can read a book but very few can apply the lessons into reality. However, the experiences you get in life can teach you amazing things that you’ll apply for the rest of life.

Some things are beyond just reading from the books. To truly get the true picture, you …

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