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7 mistakes to avoid in your weight loss journey

If you are a person who is trying to lose weight, then you are in good company. There are hundreds of thousands of people who would love to be slimmer, thinner and in better shape. The journey to lose weight can be long, arduous and frustrating, but each small battle won contributes to the final victory of loving your body. When it comes to diet, technique, advice, and information, there is an overabundance. You have to work in order to find your own truth when it comes to your weight-loss journey. Finding the right path for you can take time …

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Excellent ways to improve your speed training

Speed is an essential aspect in training, especially if you’re a sportsperson. However, for ordinary folk, boosting your top speed can come in handy in your day-to day-activities. One problem many people face is the correct technique when training for speed. Most people rely solely on sprints to improve their personal bests. This routine leads to early burnout without providing any desirable results. If you are looking for excellent ways to boost your speed, here are some excellent tips to do so.

Strength Training is Important

Speed relies so much on your body power. What this means is that if …

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Teamyo fitness tracker
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My new Teamyo smartwatch

Today let me present you my latest acquisition technology-lifestyle-related. It’s a Teamyo smartwatch I’m in love with. I was thinking, some time ago, to try something cheap, test it thoroughly and then move, in about a year, to a high-end, more expensive smartwatch. But you know what, after wearing this one for a few weeks now, I don’t need a branded one anymore as this little guy satisfies me completely with all the functions it offers.

Why did I go for a smartwatch in the first place? Well, a smartwatch is not uncommon anymore. In this day and age, technology …

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