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How common is divorce and what are the reasons?

The fundamentals of marriage are: communication, trust, commitment, and sensuality. The lack of any of those values may bring any marriage to an end. Divorce is thought to be among the hardest experiences of adulthood, but it doesn’t mean it’s rare – estimately 3 in every 1000 people are getting one these days. Statistics show that the decision to end the marriage is often made under the influence of emotions, not reasonable arguments. That is also why many couples decide to give each other another chance some time after the divorce.

What Are the Top 4 Reasons for Divorce?

Most …

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Inspiration Tips & Tricks

How to choose the right mattress

We all know how essential a goodnight’ sleep is to our overall well-being. You need to sleep like a baby if you want to wake up more energetic ready to deal with next day’s busy schedules.

But how do you achieve this? The most crucial thing you need to consider is your mattress. If you are going to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep every night, then your mattress has to be the right one for your sleep needs.

Never underestimate the importance of a good-quality mattress. The support and comfort it gives you when sleeping is what your body needs after …

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young woman drinking water at night

Why you might wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night

Imagine you’re having a rest after a long day’s work, and, then, something wakes you up in the middle of the night. For a moment, you don’t know why you’ve suddenly woken up, but after a few seconds, you realize that you’re thirsty. But, you did take a glass of water before going to bed, right? So, why are you feeling thirsty?

Dehydration in the middle of the night is a normal occurrence, and, in most cases, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. In fact, almost everyone has woken up under similar circumstances yet they’re perfectly healthy. It could …

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