Having a baby was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I gave up my job out of the desire to be there for my child, but, at the same time, I wanted to do something that would make me feel important as well. As my child grew, I wondered what can I do to feel valuable and useful, not just a stay-at-home mom.

Because I loved reading blog posts about fashion, home, child care and so on, I decided that I could also share my own opinions and ideas in a blog as well. This is how my blog came to life.

I still spend most of my day with my child but I also have an activity I simply love, blogging. I thought that by treating issues interesting for women, like how to acquire a clean, elegant and attractive look, how to offer best care to your baby, how to transform your housee into a pleasant and welcoming place, I was going to give women of all ages the chance to enjoy nice reading time, without taking too much of their, already too busy, time. At the moment, my blog is growing healthy and steadily, and I couldn’t be happier.

Still, enough talk about my work already. You’re probably in this section because you want to know me better. So, as mentioned earlier, I am the happy mother of a beautiful and very smart child. She’s a toddler at the moment, exploring the world and wanting to know as much as possible about everything that surrounds her. Although it’s true that I dedicate most of my time to my child, doing my best to give her the best upbringing possible, I also try to have activities that make me happy as well.

Being creative in various chapters of my life is one way to relax and enjoy a fun activity. There’s something incredible about seeing the results of your own work, of your own hands, so I engage in small projects now and then. I either try to up-cycle an old piece of clothing by changing its look or adding something to its aspect to make it seem new, I try doing something around the house so that it looks nice and is both practical at the same time, or I spend time in the garden, improving the family’s recreational area.

If you ask me, there’s always something that can be done and so little time for it. If you are a parent, you most probably know what I mean.

Another thing I am passionate about is healthy food. I prefer shopping for food at the local farmer’s market, where I can find fresh, seasonal produce that can be easily transformed into delicious and healthy meals. While it can be tricky to make kids eat healthy foods, especially vegetables, I also believe that you can get them used to this kind of food with kindness, patience, and perseverance.

Although it may not seem much, I do believe that we are what we eat. The way we feel, look, and our state of health depend on the foods we choose to consume. So, one of the missions of my blog is to show everybody that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to eat healthily and that cooking can turn into a pleasant experience when you come to realize that you can indeed prepare delicious and healthy food.

Other than this, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, talking, catching up, and grabbing something to eat together. This probably explains the need to have a blog and why this makes me so happy. I can share the latest news, useful pieces of information, anything I can find interesting and that can make your life better in a way or another.

I am most happy when I find out that my blog posts are appreciated and that my readers were able to use them in a practical manner. I enjoy writing every blog post and I really hope you will have a great time reading them.

If you are a new mother and would like to get more comfortable with your new role, then I kindly invite you to have a look at what I’ve written. Also, for all my readers out there, don’t hesitate to comment and leave suggestions if you want me to treat a particular topic, as long as it is within my niches of interest.

Thank you for taking the time to know me and I hope that we’ll become good friends through my blog!