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Is a real estate career right for you?

Most people only think about money when real estate careers are mentioned. While there is some truth in that, it does not just happen overnight. It usually takes time. Click here for more details.

Every career has its shortcomings. This applies to real estate. You just need to balance the bad and good to ascertain whether a real estate career is the right choice for you. As a real estate agent, you typically become your own boss. This comes with more responsibilities.

Real estate is not all about being a salesperson. Your success is significantly determined by how you serve …

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Tips & Tricks

Tips on how to behave at your new job

You have just landed your new job? Congratulations! Now, how will you behave? Starting a new job is a really exciting step in everyone’s career. Unfortunately, stress is an integral part of this process. Don’t worry. Remember that you have already passed the recruitment process and now you just need to deliver what you promised in your interview.

Faxburner claims that there are some informal rules you should follow in order to present yourself well during your first days. Let’s take a look at them.

Prepare yourself

Before going to work you should become familiar with the company and its …

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Tips on how to earn some extra money when you have a local driver’s license

You should be aware of the fact that having a reasonably reliable car and a driving license opens up a wide range of possibilities to make some extra money. If you do not mind spending a part of your free time driving, you can even earn hundreds of dollars each month. It has been known for decades already, but nowadays, there are even more opportunities with all the applications based on using private cars. Many people earn with DoorDash, Uber, and not only.

We have prepared a short guide of the most popular ways to make money, with only …

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