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Common kitchen cleaning mistakes to avoid

We all know that kitchens are a place in the house that will surely have to experience some spills and drops. The kitchen is the place where you prepare your meals and being as such they will most definitely need cleaning to keep them looking fresh and at the same time keeping the place hygienic. If you follow the methods listed in this article you will have an easier time keeping this part of the house cleaner over longer periods of time.

It may be fun to experiment in the kitchen, trying new recipes or teaching a family member or …

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DIY deep cleaning with a pressure washer

Everything gets dirty, but if it’s dirt that settles in surfaces, it could really be a pain in the neck. The best way to restore the surfaces is by using a pressure washer because it doesn’t require much work, and you can clean alone and save you money from hiring a professional!

No matter the size you plan to clean, a pressure washer can help you scour both large and small portions. Not only you freshen the exterior but also getting rid of the most stubborn elements such as gum, wax, tar, rust, and grease.

How to Get Started

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7 dirtiest places in your home

When it comes to keeping a clean house, knowing what to clean and how often is a key factor. What may surprise you though is that some spots of your home are germier than others. In some areas, this may not be surprising. After all, bacteria tend to thrive in warm and damp environments. However, if you’re not sure which spots tend to be the germiest, these are seven of the dirtiest spots in the house.

1. The Kitchen

Any area where food is handled, stored, and prepared also leads to bacteria growth. Although bacteria can be present on a …

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