Mom feeding baby, milk formula

Goat milk vs. cow milk formulas: a comprehensive comparison for new parents

There are many challenges when it comes to being new parents. The baby’s proper nutrition is a key aspect of the baby’s health, growth, and development. In cases when breastfeeding is unavailable, the choice of proper formula for the little one comes first place. Recently, parents gave an advantage to alternative variants of formulas. For example, goat milk formulas replace cow’s milk formulas. What are the differences between the two types of formulas? What are the pros and cons of goat’s and cow’s milk formula? Let’s try to figure this out and make a conscious choice.

What is the main

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Happy family mom, dad and children

How to encourage your children to have healthy new year resolutions

As the new year rolls on, you’re probably feeling the pressure of trying to stick to your new workout plan, maintain a balanced diet, and keep up with the daily demands of shuttling your kids to and from school, all while trying to find the time and energy for your projects at work. The start of a new year often brings a renewed sense of motivation and determination to make positive changes in our lives, but it can be challenging to balance our own goals and aspirations with the day-to-day responsibilities of being a parent and a working professional. As …

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toddler boy playing with magnets on refrigerator

Best ideas to encourage your toddler to stay active at home

Toddlers are generally full of energy and love to be active and this energy is great for keeping them healthy. They have only recently discovered the ability to walk and, with that, comes the challenge of getting into everything. So it’s important to try to keep up with your toddler by playing games together, going on walks together and taking them to family activities. This will help to nurture their love of learning and exploration by keeping them busy with age-appropriate activities. They are constantly moving and exploring their surroundings and it doesn’t matter if they are at home, in …

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