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How to efficiently teach your kids how to read

So you’re considering teaching your little one how to read? That’s amazing! The fact that you’re even thinking about this means your child is off to a good start. This can be a daunting process full of struggle and challenge, or it can be beautiful and rewarding. Like with all learning and teaching, there are things you can do to improve the process and things you can do to slow it down.

Children Do What You Do, Not What You Tell Them To Do

Before beginning the process, it might be worth thinking about how often you pick up a …

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Little girl with her pet dog
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How to know if your child is ready for a pet

“I want a pet!”

Sooner or later, as all parents are likely to hear this from their kids. Is this just a passing phase or does it indicate a deeper desire? How can you tell the difference and know how to react? Before making a decision, it is important to understand your child’s true feelings and motivations.

An animal can be a loyal companion, but one that requires special attention. It can become a hassle in certain circumstances, such as when you want to go on holiday. A pet is a big responsibility and it is important to work out …

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girl child in car seat

The laws when driving with a child

Having a car can really help you out when you have young children. From shopping runs to medical appointments, a vehicle removes the stress of buggies and bags. You need to be aware that, even though you follow the usual driving laws, driving with a child includes some extra requirements.

You may have questions regarding what you should do in the event of a crash, such as ‘can I seek compensation for my child when they’re involved in a car accident in New York’, or ‘does Texas have a statute of limitations for personal injury claims?’ Do your …

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