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Tips to get your kids outside

While our children growing up in urban and digital time, sometimes it’s hard to make them see and do things differently. They are spending most of their time inside the house near the TV or computer. It’s not that bad because their future will be so much different than ours and they have to be prepared for it. But without a healthy social life or some physical activities outside the house, they could maybe have struggled with anxiety and depression in puberty or early age. As every caring parent, you want to prevent that to happen.

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Tips & Tricks

Dear parents: here’s what you should know about letter grades

Dividing students into A, B, C groups is a popular trend. The letter grading system is used in the increasing number of schools. However, far not all academics agree that this format is efficient and objective.

Most parents don’t want to dig deep and make attempts to understand why their children fail. It is convenient for them to get simple symbols signaling that their kids are hard-working or lazy, smart or stupid. It should be understood that this approach is a half-truth and a kind of spectacle, and it is not worth fully relying on it.

In this article, experts …

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Eating disorders in children: early signs and prevention tips

Eating disorders can occur in children, and that is a tragedy in and of itself. However, there is an even bigger issue at play here, which is that such conditions often remain undiagnosed for a long time. This happens because they tend to manifest themselves in a different way from symptoms experienced by adults and adolescents.

What are the warning signs of an eating disorder in children?

One of the biggest impediments to early diagnosis is that child symptoms are different from those suggesting eating disorders in adults. In a child, you need to look for the following signs:…

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