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Top five creative writing tips for kids

Parents should encourage their children to develop creative writing skills from an early age. It helps kids think outside the box and gives them an immense confidence boost. What is more, having a vivid imagination is one of the most significant aspects for dealing with complex assignments. Being able to find a creative solution to the problem or viewing the situation from a different angle helps a child broaden their horizons and will eventually lead to numerous career opportunities. If you want to help your kid develop their creative writing skills, take a look at this list of useful tips.…

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Easy ways to use Montessori at home

If you don’t already know, the Montessori Method was created by an Italian physician, Maria Montessori. Through medical observation and her work with kids, she came up with a method that teaches children how to become fully-developed young people. In short, a Montessori environment encourages kids to learn about the world through their senses. The goal is not to teach facts, but to teach how to love learning. Many best private schools use this method, so why not use it at home with your kids? Here’s how you can use Montessori at home.

Organize your space

A Montessori home has …

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6 genius homework tips to help kids with ADHD

For a child with ADHD, homework can become a real challenge. The truth is that kids with learning disabilities have unique talents and intellectual potential. Their problems are connected with lack of attention, weak memory, and inability to organize the daily routine. As a result, parents have to struggle with kids procrastination as well as incomplete and forgotten tasks. Homework becomes a real nightmare for both of you. You start acting like a “homework supervisor” and there is a risk that your kid will end up hating education as a whole. Gladly, there are ways to help youngsters with ADHD

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