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Why puzzles are good for your child’s development

Developmental skills are needed for school success. When parents think of activities that will support a child’s success in school, working on reading and writing often comes to mind. However, puzzles are a great for child development needed for school success. Puzzles come in many forms and offer many benefits for the brain and the body. They can be tailored to suit a child’s age, interests and abilities.

The following are some ways that puzzles can help with a child’s development:

Fine Motor Skills

The use of the small muscles of the hands is important for being able to hold …

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How do I teach my kids about online safety and privacy?

The internet is a powerful resource for kids. It can help them with their homework, teach them about a vast array of topics, and it lets them communicate with friends and family more easily. But, unfortunately, the internet also has a dark side.

Stats published by the FBI in 2012 show that there were more than half a million online predators looking for child victims every day. Half of these victims were aged between 12 and 15, which is precisely the age when kids want their independence and are more likely to have computers in their bedrooms.

Thankfully, it’s not …

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Surprising benefits of early learning centres

According to an article by How To Learn, senses, such as sight, hearing, and touch, are essential because people rely heavily on them to process information when learning. Although kids do not have fully-developed senses, it doesn’t mean they are not active learners.

Kids actively learn whether they are at home or outdoors; some sources of information include interaction with other people, watching videos from gadgets, or hearing just about anything. However, these sources of information may be detrimental to your kids’ learning. Fortunately, a kids early learning centre provides a solution to this.

What are Early Learning Centres?

In …

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