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11 toddler safety tips every parent should know

Those sleepless newborn days seem easy once you have an active, curious toddler roaming your house.

Toddler development milestones include a variety of motor skills, including walking, running a climbing. While it’s exciting to see your little one becoming more independent, it also means you have a lot more safety considerations now that your child can get into things.

Keep reading to learn toddler safety tips that can reduce your little one’s risk of serious injuries at home and out and about.

1. Childproof Your Home

As an adult, you can navigate your house without much danger. But curious toddlers …

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Health Inspiration

Potty training children with autism: difficulties and solutions

Potty training your child is often a challenging job, which gets trickier when your child has autism. However, not all autistic children are the same and their potty training difficulties also vary despite having the same overarching disorder. They can suffer a number of toileting related troubles. Such as:

  1. Withholding a bowel movement
  2. Being afraid of the toilet
  3. Fecal smearing
  4. Continuously flushing the toilet
  5. Filling the toilet with paper or other items
  6. Constipation
  7. Continued use of diapers
  8. Going other places than the toilet

However, all of these troubles can be overcome with time if handled with patience, care, support, and …

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Considering homeschooling? How to choose your curriculum

It’s important when you homeschool your children to have a clear, outlined curriculum with a specific goal in mind for what your children should be retaining. When you are a new mom to homeschooling your children, you may not know exactly what subjects need to be covered, or how to structure each day. It can be intimidating to try and decide what to include and how to include it.

Don’t fret! Here are some simple steps that you can take to help in choosing your homeschooling curriculum.

Include Your Children’s Interests

One of the best things you can do is …

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