black family fashion

5 black owned Christian brands you have to check out

Long gone is the assumption that God does not care about fashion. The truth is that God is particular about how we dress and there are biblical verses that support this. Thankfully, some Christian brands have taken it up to create some amazing and classy apparel that will make you stand out for your faith. Are you a Christian? Continue reading the article to discover amazing fashion concepts that might fit you.

Are you looking for ways to share your faith and God’s love with others without infringing on their personal space? Christian apparel comes in handy for this mission. …

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blue ribbon decoration

The differences between grosgrain and satin ribbon

Grosgrain and satin ribbons are both popular choices for wedding, bridal, and party decor. They come in various widths and colors, making them easy to match with other ribbon options or even fabric if you’re looking to tie things together. You may have noticed two types of ribbon available at your local craft store: grosgrain and satin. You might be wondering what the difference is between them or where they can be used. In this article, we will compare these ribbons in terms of appearance, price, and how they should be cared for to help you make an informed decision …

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lot of sale coupons on a table

6 hacks to make the most of your coupons

Times are tough. Everywhere you look, there’s economic downturn, contentious geopolitical trade relationships, and a growing sense of helplessness amongst the economically immobile. Despite this, ingenuity often grows from the rubble of uncertainty. Those who are smart know that they need to adapt, and for the willing few, coupons can be a lucrative way to take back control over your finances.

Coupons offer mutual benefits for both consumers and commercial entities. They get more people through the door, while you shave money off of your bill, simultaneously boosting their revenue and stretching your funds further. Unbeknownst to many, coupons are …

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