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Guide to choosing the right rug size

When working on interior design, it’s easy to pick a theme and furnishings. However, rugs are often overlooked and come as an afterthought.

A rug is often the centrepiece of a room. For this reason, you should be extra careful when choosing your rugs.

The reason people want rugs goes beyond just decorating a room or aesthetics.

You can also add a rug in the living room or patio to protect your floor and complement your home décor.

Do want to add a rug in the dining room or bedroom but aren’t sure which size to get?

Don’t worry, rug …

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prairie fashion model girl

5 essential items to make 2019’s updated prairie look work for you

After decades out of favor, prairie girl is finally back, and we couldn’t be happier.

This summer, the prairie look is going to be hitting all the right notes with ladies looking for a delicate, feminine trend. After all, what could be a more perfect contrast to all the urban and streetwear we’ve been enjoying for a few years now?

So, this season, think about heading back to the homestead. Max out on high-necklines, soft ruffles, tiered skirts, patchwork and florals for a truly nostalgic, romantic prairie look.

Combine breezy, light cotton with beautifully crafted leather shoes and bags to …

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reverse osmosis system water purifier

How to maintain an RO water purifier

At present, it has become very much necessary to drink purified and healthy water. This has become a mandatory thing because there is a regular increase in water pollution due to industrial waste and the availability of ground water is also decreasing day by day. So, if one wants to have fresh and safe drinking water, then they need to have a proper water purifier installed both at home and at their work space.

The RO installation charges are not much when one buys a water purifier and wants to install it because most of the water purifier manufacturing companies …

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