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Keep these tips in mind when purchasing ethical footwear

We all have the power to speak up with our purchasing power. While none of us is actively trying to harm the planet when we buy a new pair of shoes, that is inevitably what happens when you don’t do any research into the brand beforehand. We should all feel a responsibility to be a bit more conscious when it comes to choosing products like our footwear.

To understand exactly what goes into fair trade shoes, we’ve compiled the short guide below. It not only explains what fair trade is, but gives examples of how to find fair trade products.…

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Trendy gifts to give in 2021

Consider the person in your life who means everything to you. Women frequently show their love for their partners by attending to their needs. Cooking, cleaning, listening, sharing, and spending time with their guys are all things they do. Gifting, on the other hand, could go a long way toward expressing this love. When was the last time you gave the person you love a present? Could be a friend, a spouse or just a person you like. What did you present him with? Consider what he/she would enjoy more, based on his/her preferences and tastes. That is the key …

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The tinkerer’s toy chest – great gifts for dads with workshops

With Christmas coming up in no time, many of us have already started the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts. For those of us who have dads that simply live for anything related to DIY, finding the perfect gifts for him can actually be a very exciting task. The world of workshops is one that is vast and filled with hundreds of items and tools that any handyman dad is sure to love. Today, we look at our top 10 Christmas gifts for dads with workshops so stick around if you need a few ideas on what to get for …

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