happy young woman and her boyfriend in winter

9 tips for styling yourself in winter

Style or comfort – this might be your everyday dilemma as the mercury drops. However, if you live in some place where the temperature stays minus 25°C, five days a week, looking good while fighting off cold may not be your priority. One of the most crucial parts of staying warm and looking chic in winter is to master the art of layering up. If you think putting away your trendy summer outfits might put a stop to your styling in winter, you are wrong. Winter styling is fun if you can find the balance between being practical and looking …

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kid taking photos with digital camera

The best digital cameras for kids

Creativity is subjective, and it is never too early to help your child nurture their creative side. Maybe you want an educational toy or to encourage their hobby. With a camera, you will allow your kids to view the world from a new perspective.

It is not the best idea to invest in an expensive camera as the kid might lose or break it. Along with that, something oversimplified will hinder their growth as an artist. You have to find the sweet spot where the camera is neither too complicated to use nor too expensive to maintain.

This will help …

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celtic design brooch pin

5 common types of Celtic jewelry

Although the concept of Celtic jewelry brings immediate associations with Ireland, this type of ornamental jewelry has a complex history that spans not only several centuries but many countries. That is why it might be interesting to understand what is meant by Celtic jewelry and its rich history. The term “Celtic” has been utilized by both historians and archeologists to refer to the European culture of the Iron Age from around 1000 B. C. to the Roman Conquest. Most of the artifacts from that time were discovered in Switzerland and metalwork and jewelry from that period include intricate spirals and …

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