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Flower window boxes and planters are affordable and elegant additions to your home. They can help boost curb appeal by giving your home’s exterior a makeover. Window boxes and planters are also easy to install and simple to maintain when you choose the right product. Let’s take a look at six steps that will help you choose the best planters and window flower boxes for your home.

Step 1 – Choose to Minimize Rot, Insects, and Moisture

Before you choose your flower window boxes and planters remember that the products you choose will need to withstand natural elements. Moisture buildup in window boxes can become a breeding ground for insects, and it can also lead to rot and mold if you use the wrong material.

Natural, untreated wood is particularly susceptible to these issues. Treated wood doesn’t always fare much better over long periods of time. A better option is to use flower window boxes and planters that are made of PVC. Planters like the ones offered by FlowerWindowBoxes.com are made of a material called Versatex, a form of PVC that offers a lifetime guarantee against rot. These planters and window boxes don’t harbor pests that can harm your plants and reduce the life of your planters.

Step 2 – Look for Durable Construction

Planters and flower window boxes must support a lot of weight. Bracing traditional wooden boxes can be difficult. Another advantage of PVC boxes is durable construction. Each window box is reinforced on the inside with additional PVC material. This means that your boxes won’t sag or break.

Choosing planters that are more durable is economically wise. They will outlast other types and could very well be the last flower boxes that you will ever need to buy. Year after year you can depend on your planters to retain their durability.

Step 3 – Consider Sizing

No two homes are alike. You’ll certainly need to think about the proper sizes for your window boxes. It would be very disappointing to purchase your boxes and then discover that you will need to cut them down to size. Thankfully, there is a better option.

Flowerwindowboxes.com offers materials that are custom-sized up to 16′. All you need to do is provide the length you need when you order. Your planters will arrive in the proper size, ready to install. This offers you more flexibility in creating the look that you want for your home.

Step 4 – Think About Maintenance

Many homeowners avoid keeping plants because they simply don’t have time for maintenance. There is a misconception that all planters and boxes require a lot of work, and for some types this is true. You can mitigate the amount of maintenance, however, when you choose the right materials and the right plants.

You might want to consider a self-watering PVC box or planter. These items use a built-in reservoir that cuts down watering. You’ll have to water about three times less than you would with other types of window boxes. If you go on vacation for a few days, no worries. You won’t need to enlist the help of someone to care for your plants while you are away. Life is busy and you forgot to water? No problem.

Step 5 – What About Styles and Finishes?

Flower containers are all about aesthetics. From the flowers they contain to the style of the planter, you want your boxes to complement the design of your home. It’s important that you choose a supplier that gives you plenty of options.

PVC window boxes have a matte finish that resembles natural wood. It can be painted in any color that you desire. Some of the various styles that are available include:

  • Daisy Window Boxes
  • Boston Window Boxes
  • Cunningham Window Boxes
  • Pennsylvania Deluxe Planters
  • Lattice Planters
  • Hanging Rail Planters

Styles range from traditional to contemporary. You can even coordinate the style of your flower window boxes to match the style of planters that you will use on your property.

Step 6 – Preparing to Install

These additions to your home make a great do-it-yourself project – if you choose the right planters. What you want to look for are styles that simplify the installation process. It shouldn’t take you more than a single afternoon when you choose the right model.

Window boxes and planters from FlowerWindowBoxes.com arrive fully assembled. Many even include the hardware that you need to install them, and simple instructions are provided. All you need are a few basic tools, a nice afternoon, and the willingness to improve the look of your home.

Always remember that any type of home beautification project goes better when you make a plan. Your plan should begin by finding flower window boxes and planters that are superior in all the aspects mentioned above.


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