Yes, I do accept guest posts from bloggers (like real bloggers with personal blogs) and sponsored posts (paid guest posts) from blogger outreach / companies. In case you are a company and have nodoby to write your articles, I will write them for you in the form of collaborative posts.

If you’re a blogger and want to publish a guest post on my blog while including links to your personal blog only (and your social media profiles, of course) then that would be a regular guest post, I’ll be happy to publish it on my blog, no costs involved.

If you’re a blogger outreach or a company and you want to get/include a link (or more) to a company’s website or to any website that sells or recommends products or services (eg product reviews websites, Amazon affiliates etc), that would be a sponsored post with a cost associated, write to me for details.

If you want me to write the article for you, don’t hesitate asking me about the cost for both writing/publishing and getting the desired backlink(s). Examples of collaborative posts, here and here.

If you want to include a link in an existing article, send me an email on this matter with full details included.

What I request from a guest post / sponsored post is also what I offer in collaborative posts:

– content length: min. 800 words;

– content style: creative or more technical or business oriented, I don’t mind; if you want to get a link to your company’s website don’t hide it in some creative writing with no relevance to your business; you better promote your company and brand and services in an honest way;

– content previously published: no;

– backlinks: 1-2;

– authority links: links to authority websites (wikipedia, news websites, studies, research papers, statistics etc) might be included; there’s no cost associated with including such links;

– images: unless you need to include a specific image (such as a screen-shot or a photo from your office / work place or your product) there is no need to provide images; I will handle it;

– editing: I reserve the right to edit your sponsored post to improve its readability and make it more personal.

If you feel I missed anything in the above presentation and have more questions or you want to work with me on a collaborative post or to submit a guest post, don’t hesitate emailing me: contact {@} daisylinden {.} com

Looking forward to working with you!

Yours truly,

Daisy Linden