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Expert tips on how to get out of bad debt for good

Not all debt is terrible. Yet, when it comes to good debt vs. bad debt, the bad debt is the kind that’s crippling U.S. consumers with an average of $8,398 per household.

Good debt is anything that’s a clear investment in your future, and something you know you’ll be able to pay back or profit from. Some examples of good debt include student loans and real estate investments.

If you’re suffering from bad debt, it’s usually from credit cards or risky loans. Using credit or loans to pay for non-essential expenses adds up quickly and can end up limiting your …

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How to save for a house in 9 easy steps

Owning a house is everyone’s dream, but how are you going to save for this house? There are many ways you can save for a house, however, discipline is crucial.

Even if you decide to get a mortgage or a loan for a house, you’ll still have to pay a down payment in cash.

What is a down-payment?

This is the up-front money you’re supposed to pay to secure the house you want to buy.

If you decide to borrow money from a bank or other mortgage lenders, it’s a requirement that you pay 3% to 20% of the money …

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Space & value – home extension with online installment loans no credit check

If you are a homeowner, you will surely plan an extension for the property at some point in time. The objective may be to add some extra space for the growing family or to increase the value of property in case you wish to sell. Whatever your intention may be, one thing that’s sure when it comes to home extension is that you will need significant investment. Even if you want to do it in the budget, you can still expect to spend a few thousand dollars at least depending on the scale of the project. Obviously, you cannot depend …

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