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10 killer tips for argumentative writing

Many people find argumentative writing to be quite challenging. Instead of investigating the matter and stating their opinion on the suggested topic basing on the information they find, they frequently order custom papers from professional writers instead of merely expressing their opinion. Today, we are going to share with you ten useful tips on how to write excellent argumentative essays and slice and dice everything you need to know about this type of writing.

What Is Argumentative Writing?

An argumentative essay is a piece of critical writing where a writer expresses his opinion on a suggested topic, supporting his ideas …

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How to choose the best student accommodation

It is exciting to receive your admission letter to join your dream university. The challenge comes when the institution you intend to join is far from your home town. You have to look for accommodation, otherwise, where will you live? Before you even think about what to pack to look gorgeous now that you are in university, you must figure out where you are going to live.

Housing options for university students can fall into two major categories. You can either rent your own apartment or live in a student accommodation facility. Figuring out the best option to choose can …

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Writing a response essay – basic tips to follow

When your tutor asks you to create a response essay, you are expected to submit a top-notch essay where you’ll express your points of view and give responses to the topic coherently. However, not all students can tackle that challenge. For some of them, it is a very difficult task. They don’t have the slightest idea how to organize their thoughts and create a high-quality essay deserving the highest grade. My key purpose today is to help you do that. Maybe this short review will clarify some details for you!

Writing a Response Essay – Key Tips to Follow

First, …

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