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Jeans – the iconic fashion element that empowered women’s fight for equality

Jeans are so well-rooted in our fashion culture that it’s hard to think about a time when people didn’t immediately think ‘denim’ the moment you brought up the subject. However, there were times when the jeans didn’t receive the recognition and popularity they hold today.

In fact, the history of jeans had a few ups and downs and they even played an important role in supporting women’s fight for their rights (crazy, right?).

Let’s have a look at the way jeans became a fashion icon and how they got to be entangled with feminism.

The Beginnings

Though it may seem …

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designer fashion clothing

Is designer fashion ethical?

With so many arguments flashing around the internet about fast fashion, people are looking for alternatives. While many are focusing on the lower end of the fashion spectrum with upcycling and thrifting, some are are instead looking to designer fashion. Should you support designer fashion? Let’s take a look at some of the things you should look at when considering whether designer fashion is ethical.

Where Is It Made?

One of the first things you should always look at is where the garments and accessories of a brand are made. Fast fashion brands will often head to Asia for manufacture …

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5 ways on how to choose the right sports bra

When you want to wear a sports bra for training or daily use, you should use a few tips to pick the perfect bra. Everyone who wears a sports bra needs to know how to select a good fit, style, and daily bra. You also need to know how to make the best purchase, and you should remember that it is much easier for you to use a sports bra that fits well. You will be comfortable, avoid the pain that you feel, and prevent sweat from ruining a perfectly good bra.

1. The Style

The style of your bra …

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