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Wedding dress alterations: how you can turn anything into the dress of your dreams

You might have found a wedding dress that you feel a million dollars in but there are some small things you would change. Or maybe you have inherited a wedding dress from previous generations but it needs a modern revamp?

Whatever your situation, the possibilities with wedding dress alterations are (almost) endless.

You can change the neckline, shorten it, lengthen it, add some sleeves, need I go on?

On your big day, you want to make sure that you feel completely and utterly wonderful in your dress but also that you are comfortable. There’s no good looking amazing but being …

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fashion brands timeless

The names you know: 7 fashion brands that are timeless

Clothes may make the brand, or the brand may make the clothes. But, it doesn’t matter if the design is timeless. “Timeless” labels clothing which is chic, durable, and priced for quality rather than a current trend.

If you take a step back, you will see some common features among the fashions considered timeless. They have, for example, a clean look. Their lines are simple and emphasize the quality of the fabric rather than distract with frills and flourishes.

They trust neutral palettes selecting colours that mix and match easily with separates, accessories, and makeup. The shades and hues are …

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girl wearing saree dancing

Sarees – the essence of Indian womenswear

When it is talked about the Indian fashion in clothing, the very first thing that comes to one’s mind is ‘Sarees’. The beauty of sarees is nonpareil, and the way they beautify the Indian women is why all of us admire sarees. To formally define, a saree is a female garment worn by the women of the Indian subcontinent, that has a drape that is wrapped over the waist and one of its ends draped around the shoulder. Saree is the identity of the Indian women. It is something which defines them, and sets them apart. Most foreigners upon seeing …

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