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What is 925 silver? How to buy the best sterling silver jewelry

When it comes to precious metals, silver often plays second fiddle to gold. It’s cheaper and it’s only been around since 3000 BC, while gold mining’s been on the go 1000 years earlier.

Both are valuable in their own right, although gold is more expensive and more abundant than silver. Silver tarnishes slightly more easily than gold and is also lighter. However, there’s one place where silver stands up to gold and that’s in the jewelry market, especially when it comes to 925 silver.

So, what is 925 silver and why is it so popular?

What is 925 Silver

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Best designer bracelets for gift

The majority of life’s biggest celebrations such as coronations, engagements, and weddings are jewel-marked. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings recurrently make appearances at other life party times such as retirements, graduations, job promotions, and birthdays among others. Also, there are moments when you may choose to toast to yourself. So, why is jewelry an ideal means to celebrate? Well, it has undeniable beauty that naturally makes it fit for venerating or remembering special moments. Additionally, its endurance makes jewelry an ideal tribute to moments you want to commemorate forever.

Thus, all these can make you want to purchase a special …

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No such thing as too much bling: how to store jewelry so it isn’t neglected

Jewelry is a big investment, so it’s important to keep your favorite pieces protected and stored the right way.

If you want to make sure your jewelry is well taken care of, it’s crucial to know how to store jewelry correctly.

Read on to discover some helpful tips and tricks so you can ensure your jewelry isn’t neglected and is kept in the right places for maximum use and enjoyment.

Try an Earring Stand Instead of a Jewelry Box

Earrings can easily get lost, which means you can get frustrated easily if you can’t find the matching earring you need. …

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