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5 myths about baby rings busted

Rings denote a complete circle of life. When a family elder gifts ring to children of a family, it symbolises the inclusion of the younger ones into the family structure. But, over the centuries, with growing beliefs came many myths. Are you aware of any of the myths around baby rings? Through this article, we would share some myths around baby rings and also tell you the reality behind those myths.

Myth 1: Don’t gift pearls to children set on rings

Since ancient times, many civilizations believed, pearls bring tears to their wearer. Young babies must not be gifted pearls; …

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5 types of rings that will make you feel like a real princess

Rings can make any woman feel special. Whether it’s an engagement ring or something you bought for yourself, the ring you wear defines your style and personality. It reflects how you are as a person, and how you want to portray yourself. The ring’s style, material, and most importantly, the gemstone that sits on top of it, all of these things add to its elegance.

There are rings that’ll make you feel powerful, perfect, or even classy. However, not all types of rings can make you feel like a princess as if you were from royalty. Only a select few …

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5 common types of Celtic jewelry

Although the concept of Celtic jewelry brings immediate associations with Ireland, this type of ornamental jewelry has a complex history that spans not only several centuries but many countries. That is why it might be interesting to understand what is meant by Celtic jewelry and its rich history. The term “Celtic” has been utilized by both historians and archeologists to refer to the European culture of the Iron Age from around 1000 B. C. to the Roman Conquest. Most of the artifacts from that time were discovered in Switzerland and metalwork and jewelry from that period include intricate spirals and …

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