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5 common types of Celtic jewelry

Although the concept of Celtic jewelry brings immediate associations with Ireland, this type of ornamental jewelry has a complex history that spans not only several centuries but many countries. That is why it might be interesting to understand what is meant by Celtic jewelry and its rich history. The term “Celtic” has been utilized by both historians and archeologists to refer to the European culture of the Iron Age from around 1000 B. C. to the Roman Conquest. Most of the artifacts from that time were discovered in Switzerland and metalwork and jewelry from that period include intricate spirals and …

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10 interesting facts about lab grown diamonds

For a long period of time diamonds were mined from earth making it an extremely rare but since last decade scientists have made a breakthrough by creating diamonds in labs. This avoids a lot conflicts which are involved in mining diamonds and they are almost as good as the ones we obtain from earth. Here are some interesting facts about these lab grown diamonds:

1. Lab grown diamonds are also called as man-made diamonds and cultured diamonds

This one is pretty obvious. As these diamonds are created and made in labs these are known as man-made diamonds or cultured diamonds. …

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How to get the best price when you sell your gold

People sell their gold jewelry for different reasons. Whatever reason you have to part with your gold makes sense to try to get the best price when you sell it. However, if you aren’t a jeweler yourself, you might have problems finding the right buyer. Hopefully, the following tips will help you understand how to do your research and what to look for in a potential buyer to secure a good deal.

Don’t Rush To Sell Your Gold

Even if you need to sell your gold because you’re in dire need for cash, consider thinking about your decision. If you …

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