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Keeping off lice from your child’s head like a pro

How often do lice breed in between your little one’s hair? How often do you take all the pain to get rid of them using lice removal treatments but end up losing hope because they come again? Being a mother is as good as being an all-rounder and here are some of the very essential tips that would help you get out of this problem.

Lice – The troublemakers

Lice are tiny parasites that cling onto your hair and do not let go easily. These little creatures infest on the head in between the hair and reproduce at a very …

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How to get back in shape after having a knee injury

If you are a regular runner, play sports or lift weights, there is a chance that at some point in your life you are going to get injured. No matter what precautions you make, that’s just how it goes. A knee injury is one of the most common injuries amongst athletes.

Coming back from an injury can be somewhat depressing as you feel like you’re starting from scratch. Luckily it is possible to exercise even if you are recovering from an injury. Here we will share with you a few tips that will help you get back in shape!


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Food Health

7 time saving hacks for cooking healthy food

Cooking can take a long time. When you take into account preparation time, cooking time and eating time, hours are easily lost. And that’s before you even think about cooking the right type of food, food that is healthy and nutritious for your family. You’re busy, and sometimes cooking can seem like a chore. But you know that eating healthy is good for you and your family, and you’d like to learn how you can change your approach.

We’re here to help. We want to make healthy cooking as painless as possible for you, so here are our top 7 …

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