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Alternative mental health therapies that just might cure what ails you

In today’s modern world, mental health treatment has evolved past the common and traditional methods. Therapists and practitioners are realizing there is no one-size-fits-all solution to mental wellness.

There are many psychotherapy techniques to help people with mental conditions, some more widely used than others. If traditional talk therapy is not working for you, here are alternative mental health therapies you may want to try.

Past Life Regression Therapy

One of the alternatives to traditional therapy is past life regression therapy.

This type of therapy is believed to help you uncover memories from your past life or incarnation. Past life …

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blue sports bra
Health Ideas

8 interesting facts about sports bra

Physical movements cause you off-guard sometimes, especially when performing rigorous activities such as working out, running, climbing, or dancing. There might be some instances wherein you feel uncomfortable with your body. All women experience this scenario especially for those ladies who were gifted with great cup sizes.

To move freely and comfortably, some designers and tailors come up with a sports garment. Wearing athletic brassiere ensures the safety of your breasts. It will also keep your bust tight and comfortable in any kind of movement. In this article, we will share with you some interesting facts about sports bras. Let’s …

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Young woman applying moisturizer
Beauty Health

How to properly hydrate your skin, according to dermatologists

Are you someone that struggles with dry and flaky skin? If so it may be because your skin isn’t properly hydrated.

We have all been there and dry skin can be uncomfortable and even difficult to get around when applying makeup. The good thing is that we are here to help by giving you the top tips on how to hydrate skin. To see what our tips our keep reading below.

Choose the Correct Moisturizer for Your Skin

One of the most important things professionals will tell you to do when it comes to hydrating your skin is to moisturize. …

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