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Why are people adding CBD oil in coffee

This is not a secret that more than 60% of Americans wake up to coffee. Their day cannot begin without having a whiff of the caffeine in the popular drink. There is no need for introducing coffee to the world; however, when mixed with CBD oil, it has health-boosting effects on a person.

For those who don’t know what CBD is, it’s produced from cannabis, and is short for cannabidiol. However, it is known to have very low THC, which is solely responsible for giving you a ‘high’. In the recent years, CBD oil has made a breakthrough in wellness, …

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6 things to consider if you’re running in the heat

Running and hot weather can be a difficult combination; an increase in temperature over the summer months can slow you down and make you sweaty – but more importantly, it can be dangerous for your health if you’re not careful.

Whether you’re training for a marathon, maintaining a strict fitness regime, or simply want to work out in the summer, then you might not want to let the heat interfere with your progress.

In this post, we’ll be covering six things that you need to consider if you’re running in the heat; If you want to beat the heat …

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acne breakout
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6 tips for stopping acne breakouts

Acne is a common complaint among teenagers, appearing in any part of the body where there are pores, but mainly on the face, back, and neck. However, despite acne being highly prevalent in teenagers, it can occur in people of all ages. And even though there is a strong genetic basis for acne, breakouts can also be caused by continued use of pore-clogging skin products.

Risk Factors for Acne Breakouts

Before we look at acne treatment options, it is essential to first look at what triggers its emergence. It’s a common belief among many people that an over-indulgence in …

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