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The therapeutic power of petting a dog

Petting and cuddling a dog is one of the best ways to relax before the start of a stressful week or after a tiring day at work. Someone rightly said, “Dogs are humans’ best friends,” and indeed, they are. Their unique ways of helping you manage your stress are not just effective but also long-term.

A study done on 249 students by letting them pet and play with a dog for 10 minutes showed that those students who interacted with the dog had lowered cortisol levels or stress hormones in their saliva.

What hormones are released when petting a dog?

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Food Health

Healthiest foods to eat everyday

The only realistic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to observe what you are eating. Following a healthy lifestyle will not only keep the doctor away but will also keep you happy. Healthy foods basically means nutritious foods. People who observe a nutritious diet significantly enhances their physical and mental well-being. However, not everyone who knows which foods are healthy. That’s why this article has compiled healthy foods to eat to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. They are healthy and delicious.

9 super healthy foods

Every healthy eater’s kitchen should have the following foods. They have awesome disease-fighting …

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CBD hemp oil, droplet dosing

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil: what’s the difference? A buyer’s guide for UK consumers

CBD oils can be a bit complicated if you are just starting out. At Blessed CBD, we offer many different ways for you to enjoy CBD, whether it be capsules, gummies, vapes, topicals, or oils. To help you gain an understanding of all things cannabis, we offer a breakdown below on the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.

The making of CBD oil vs. hemp oil

Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds. The seeds are pressed to create the oil. The main difference with CBD oil is that CBD oil comes from the …

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