white wine and red wine in glasses

Red wine vs white wine: what’s the difference?

Do you have a favorite wine? With so many to choose from in terms of grape, sweetness and flavor, it can be difficult to choose just one. Some people simply prefer red wines over white, and vice versa, while other people prefer one over the other depending on what they’re eating. But, what actually makes for the difference between the two? The answer is in the actual production of the wine, specifically how using different parts of the grape can create new flavors.

The difference between red and white wines goes beyond just taste, it includes differences in the maturation …

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sandwich salmon fried egg

Crave for eggs? Look at these recipes!

Eggs are such a powerful ingredient as they can fit in well with almost any dishes from your quick meal for work to the sophisticated recipes served in luxurious restaurants.

Of course, there are a list of recipes other than omelette and your daily hard boiled eggs. In these formulas, eggs can be additive, making the dishes more savoury than ever.

Scroll down reading and prepare to have all the materials available before carrying out cooking your favorite recipe!

1. Ramen with egg

If you are in a rush for dealing with your pile of work, you cannot have plenty …

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father and son morning meal
Food Health

7 time saving hacks for cooking healthy food

Cooking can take a long time. When you take into account preparation time, cooking time and eating time, hours are easily lost. And that’s before you even think about cooking the right type of food, food that is healthy and nutritious for your family. You’re busy, and sometimes cooking can seem like a chore. But you know that eating healthy is good for you and your family, and you’d like to learn how you can change your approach.

We’re here to help. We want to make healthy cooking as painless as possible for you, so here are our top 7 …

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