gutter filled with leaves

Gutter cleaning tricks and tips

Keeping your gutter clean and free of debris is something that most homeowners have to deal with. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it–they get clogged and packed with debris and dried leaves now and then, especially in fall. Gutter cleaning is something that needs to be done regularly before your gutters get clogged, which leads to damage that can cost you a lot of money in repairs.

This article was put together for homeowners looking for tips to keep their gutters clean. Technology has made it possible to keep our gutters clean with the help of gutter …

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brown and beige wooden house
Home Ideas

Why buying a house is better than renting

Let’s just trim out the fat and get right into the meat of the matter: owning a house is expensive. Not only do homeowners have to deal with insurance payments and property taxes, but upkeep and maintenance get expensive pretty quickly. In fact, Kate Dore, a contributor to Business Insider who is a homeowner herself, suggests that the standard homeowner should save somewhere between 1 and 4% of their property’s value for maintenance.

But despite those costs, there are plenty of good reasons why buying a house is better than renting, and that’s just what I have laid out for …

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Home Ideas

5 ways to power your home with renewable energy

Energy bills are rising. This is partly due to the cost of producing energy and increasing climate levies. But, it’s also connected with the increase in extreme weather and the need for more heating/cooling and even flood pumping.

With as much as 42% of your household expenditure going on heating and 25% on hot water, there are plenty of good reasons to look at renewable energy.

The good news is that as this becomes more popular it is becoming more affordable. Let’s take a look at the 5 ways to power your home with renewable energy.

1. Solar Panels

It’s …

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