rain falling on roof

How to prepare your roof for the hurricane season

Stated by Frisco roofers, extreme weather of any kind can pose a significant threat to the roof of your home. Hurricanes, though, pose perhaps the most significant threat, since they come with the one-two punch of pounding rain and excessive wind.

First, high winds can lift shingles, flashing and gutters up from your roof and even blow them completely off. This, then, exposes your roof to water damage from the torrential rains that hurricanes can bring.

While it is impossible to completely prevent your roof from exposure to the wind and water that a hurricane causes, there are a …

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smart home security system
Home Ideas

Benefits of a home security system during the back-to-school season

As summer slowly comes to an end, some parents are looking forward to back-to-school season; others – not so much. One thing is valid across the board: There is no better time to get a home alarm system with kids going back to school. According to the FBI, a burglary takes place every 14 seconds in the US, and you are 300% more likely to experience a break in without a monitored alarm system.

Maybe there isn’t always an adult at home when your child or children come back from school, which can be a source of stress. A home …

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house for sale sign
Home Tips & Tricks

How to maximize the odds of selling your home at the full asking price

Home sales rarely go smooth and most of the owners end up reducing the initial price. If you are eager to complete the transaction quickly and get the full asking price, we would have to shatter your illusion right away.

Most of the properties on sales go all the way through price reductions and eroding profit margins just to meet the potential buyer’s budget. Prompting those reductions is, to say the least, painful, and no one guarantees you will end up selling the property.

Don’t you dare reduce that price for a luxurious home you are selling just because you …

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