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Discover the major energy-saving features you should expect in a new build home

The price of energy is steadily rising. Of course, energy costs generally move upward but current movements are more aggressive than usual. There are a variety of reasons for this, including increases in the demand for energy and the fact that supplies are limited, also the high cost of producing the energy from natural gas and oil. But, one thing is certain, the cost of energy is of concern to everyone.

That’s why, if you’re looking to purchase a new build home you need to make sure it has as many major energy-saving features as possible, installed in a way …

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Home Ideas

How to prevent birds from building a nest on your porch

From their superb flight abilities to melodic singing capabilities, birds are fascinating creatures to behold. But when you have them in your yard – or specifically, on your porch – you’re guaranteed to fall out of love with this creature.

From littering the entire area with their acidic and disgusting droppings to producing frequent and loud chirps to potential exposure to diseases, nuisance bird species like pigeons and startling pose several problems when they nest on the porch.

Hence, getting rid of birds from building a nest on your porch is essential for your health and peace of mind. This …

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7 tips for keeping a wood burning fireplace maintained

Wood-burning fireplaces are the ideal addition to all homes. They provide any space with added style and warmth. To save you time and money, it is critical for your fireplace to be kept in top condition and well-maintained. A maintained fireplace will provide your house with great value and impress your guests. Below are some tips to keep a wood-burning fireplace maintained.

1. Clean out the Interior of Your Fireplace

It is easy to forget that burning wood may cause the buildup of various creosote, dust, ash, and dirt inside a fireplace. Be sure to clean the interior of your …

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