glass patio door

How to install glass patio door?

Glass replacement can be a tough job is you are not a glazier or technician. If your patio door glass got broken, cracked or you simply want to install a new glass, you will need some assistance. AraxWindows is the leading windows and doors repair company with a huge experience in solving problems that deliver a lot of inconveniences. If your door glass got broken, cracked or want to get a new glass for your sliding door, this is the right place to ask for help!

Of course, you can try to replace patio door glass yourself but this can …

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plants pots

How potting soil is crucial for herbs

Growing herbs is one of the best things you can do for your home, greenery is something that gives you peace of mind, planting a lot of plants, herbs, flowers, will give fresh air you can relax at home in the lap of the beautiful garden. It has seen that many people just love to grow more herbs than anything else. Not only growing herbs add extra charm to your small garden but do you know herbs are filled with best health benefits such as enhancing psychological health, decreasing the risk of cancer, helping to fight against various kinds of …

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organic farming
Home Ideas

How to keep your organic garden out of pests

For many people, having an organic garden in their backyard is not only about saving mother earth, but it is a chance to grow their own pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. Organic gardening is a natural way of growing food crops without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is not only a safe way of farming but also does no harm to the soil and the environment.

The advantages of going organic are many, besides improving the environment, it also has both physical and mental benefits. Research has shown that organic produce has higher levels of vitamin C and minerals that …

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