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6 steps to choosing the best window boxes and planters

Flower window boxes and planters are affordable and elegant additions to your home. They can help boost curb appeal by giving your home’s exterior a makeover. Window boxes and planters are also easy to install and simple to maintain when you choose the right product. Let’s take a look at six steps that will help you choose the best planters and window flower boxes for your home.

Step 1 – Choose to Minimize Rot, Insects, and Moisture

Before you choose your flower window boxes and planters remember that the products you choose will need to withstand natural elements. Moisture buildup …

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lawn care tips
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Garden and lawn care tips for very busy people

As we get older, we all get increasingly busy and unavailable, no matter what our commitments may be.
Perhaps you are a working mum with three kids, a stay at home dad trying to run a business at the same time or you are simply juggling a career and a social life.

Whatever the situation, there are, no doubt, plenty of things that you deem more worthy of your time than lawn care.

It is a misconception that lawn care has to be time-consuming and difficult to carry out.

There are a number of lawn care tips that people with …

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spider on table

An arachnophobic’s dream: 3 ways to keep spiders away

Spiders. If you fear spiders, you don’t want these in your home…or around it, or even in the 3 mile radius. Hey, even if you aren’t afraid of them, you probably aren’t inviting them in! These are tiny creatures that are known to have multiple sets of eyes and 6 or more icky, hairy legs. Kind of creepy, if you ask us. Though these species help the ecosystem in various ways like eating harmful insects, and through the pollination and recycling of dead plants and animals, they can easily do this from afar and not in the top right corner …

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