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Eating healthy with Instant Pot: recipes to try

An Instant Pot is one of the great ways to cook meat and vegetables without the hassle and cleanup associated with traditional pots and pans. Cooking in an Instant Pot is a great way to save time and money by cooking healthy food at home. Instead of cooking your meat or vegetables in a crockpot, which may take hours, an Instant Pot can do it in just a few minutes only.

Why Eating Healthy Is Important

Healthy eating has become a sexy topic of late. Gone are the days of the “diet” and the “dieter”. Now, healthy eating involves eating …

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How to enjoy alcohol without ruining your diet

Alcohol is one of the most frequently drank beverages in the world. People drink alcohol daily, weekly, while others drink only during special occasions. Generally, too much of anything can be damaging. It’s a well-known fact that excessive alcohol intake may be damaging to the body and the mind.

However, people can enjoy their alcohol without causing damage to their bodies. Particularly, there are ways to enjoy alcohol without ruining your diet.

A diet refers to the kinds and amount of food a person consumes. Alcohol may affect your diet by damaging your liver and digestive system. It may also …

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Tips on preparing a budget-friendly meal

Life during the pandemic has been turned upside down for all of us. What used to be easy chores are now challenging to get through. The restrictions, lockdowns, fear of infections, struggling finances are all wearing on us.

Some days, putting food on the table is in itself a major challenge. Yes, you can order take-out or prepared meals from the supermarket. Even grocery bills are piling on high – whoever said we have low inflation?

The costs are quickly adding up, and families across the world are feeling the pinch. With personal finances strained, could there be an alternative …

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