urinary tract infection

Preventing UTI – living healthy after an infection

Urinary tract infection is a painful and unpleasant infection. The itching and redness, the burning sensation, puss and blood in the urine can be a few symptoms of the problem. If you have gone through this, you already know the pain and trouble, no one wants to go through the experience again, so it is essential to keep ourselves healthy after the infection. Following are some ways to keep you healthy after you have recovered from UTI.

Complete the remedial courses

One of the worst things a patient can do to himself is to skip medicine. An irresponsible behaviour towards …

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restaurant menu
Food Health

Eat yourself beautiful: whatever’s going inside will show on your skin

It has been said a million times and I will say it again:

“True beauty comes from within!”

Sure, your diet will help keep your body healthy and slim, however, you got to know, its impact doesn’t stop there. The food you eat may matter to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline.

Have you been having problems with extra dry skin or ugly breakouts or any other skin issues lately? Forget about the skin care products you may or may not have tried. It could be caused by the foods you eat or the ones …

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multivitamins pills

Various health conditions for which multivitamins are used

These days more and more people have started consuming multivitamins as part of their diets. Doctors have started prescribing them to tackle different health issues and thus the demand for multivitamins have increased rapidly. A massive change in the lifestyles of most people, especially working men and women, along with deteriorating environmental conditions has impacted the general health immensely in the last years. Increased stress levels, exhaustion coupled with poor food quality and on top lack of exercise has caused deficiency and other health issues in people all over the world. Listed below are a few health problems for which …

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