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10 essential ways to care for your aging dog

Welcoming home a puppy is possibly one of the most exciting and heartwarming events for any pet parent, whether you’re raising a golden retriever, a fluffy toy pom, or any other adorable dog breed. But there’s no halting the hands of time, and your pup will grow older eventually.

It can be understandably heartbreaking to watch your beloved pet grow old and frail, just as devastating to watch a human family member approach their last days of life.

But even though your pet is growing older and more fragile, you can still provide them with a full quality of …

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Paws for thought: what happens to the pet on divorce?

Divorce is not usually a happy event for many couples. Apart from the pain of separating from your spouse, there is also the trouble of sharing the property that you own. The main thing that makes the headlines during a lot of divorce cases, is determining who takes custody of the kids. In recent years, reliable means of determining custody of kids have been innovated over time. However, when it comes to taking custody of pets, a lot of questions still remain unanswered.

Problems Associated With Pet Custody

The key issue with pet custody is that pets are often viewed …

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5 ways to keep your dogs busy while at home

Dogs are man’s best friends. Like typical friends, they are often attached to us, craving our touch, attention, and love. Sometimes, we may not have the time or energy to play with our dogs and give them the attention they deserve.

During such times, your furry friend may get bored and engage in things that are destructive to your furniture, clothes, gadget, or worse, himself. If you want to occupy your dog with healthy or productive activities while you get busy, these tips are for you.

1. Turn on the TV

If your dog is bored and you aren’t available …

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