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What should I pack for a day trip?

Going on a day trip with the family can be incredibly fun. Depending on how old your children are, you may need to really consider what you pack in your bag, or take with you in the car. Although you may not be able to prepare for every single occasion, you can at least consider some likely possibilities, and pack up accordingly. This can help you to navigate your day that much easier, as well as have plans in place for some common problems that may arise.


If the weather is likely to be good on the day of …

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The 8 most incredible Dubai family hotels to visit

Happy and exciting beaches, magnificent and high buildings, luxury and local culture have created Dubai one of the world’s most renowned holiday destinations. And while there is enough to do and see for travellers of all ages in Dubai, you have to take some guide to search out for a cheap hotel in Dubai, if you are travelling with kids. We visited the best hotels in the town to discover what were the best in terms of facilities, outstanding service and room quality – check out this selection that’s sure to help you find the finest family hotels in …

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How to improve business travel post-pandemic

For most people, the extended national lockdowns that followed the COVID-19 outbreak were incredibly restrictive. The average professional working a typical office job was pitched into working from home and staying indoors whenever possible, and deserted areas left it easy to wonder if the world’s population had come to a complete standstill.

For some people, though, the serious restrictions didn’t last very long. We’re talking about high-level executives, elite sportspeople, celebrities… In short, those with a lot of money and the capability to generate more through travel. Business travel had to keep going. There are countless companies around the world …

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