eternity rings
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Tips for couples choosing an eternity ring

If you’re anything like me, you’re never one to say ‘pass’ on the opportunity to receive jewelry – particularly when that jewelry holds a truly momentous significance for you, and your life. The eternity ring is, arguably, far less common than, say, an engagement diamond or a wedding band – but no less special, given its meaning.

The eternity ring holds two different meanings. In some instances, it is a gift given from husband to wife in order to celebrate their first decade of marriage. In others – and perhaps more commonly today – it is given following the birth …

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swimming pool evening light
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Pool maintenance tips to keep your pool clean

With the ongoing pandemic forcing people to spend more time at home, swimming pools have become more important. After all, they offer you a relaxing space as you reminisce the good old days when you could freely interact with friends. However, nothing is as disappointing as taking a plunge, only to find that the water has calcium scale and an unpleasant odour. This is the primary reason why pool cleaning is essential.

Besides making your swimming experience exciting, keeping your pool clean can help you save money. Lack of maintenance can cause your pool to crack, warp your liners, and …

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golden retriever puppies
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Guidelines for caring for golden retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a popular breed for adoptions, especially for a family household due to their gentleness, fun-loving nature, and tendency towards friendliness; plus, these are exquisite dogs.

These are not small or medium-sized canines. The Golden borders on a larger pup, so that is something to keep in mind before you commit to a puppy. That means having a yard or a play park nearby for the pup to get adequate exercise for their long legs and a safe place to take daily walks.

The size of the home is not as crucial with large dogs as long …

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