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How to protect your family members against DUI charges

Having a lot of different responsibilities is one of the things that you will experience once you are called a parent. You have sets of responsibilities when your children are still very young. You have even greater responsibilities when they reach their teenage years. One of those responsibilities is protecting them against any car-related crimes.

In their teenage years, time will eventually come when you receive a phone call from a police officer saying that your son/daughter has been caught drunk driving or driving under the influence of any substance. You may think that those scenarios may seem inevitable because …

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How to reduce our water footprint

Our source of water is limited. However, the world’s demand for it increases year by year. And If we keep at it, two-thirds of the global population will experience water scarcity by 2025.

It’s high time that we reduce our water footprint. How? Keep reading.

Turn the tap off

One way you can conserve water is by turning the tap off when not in use. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, many people fail to do this.

A perfect example would be hand washing. Those quick seconds of hand washing may seem harmless. However, many people let the water run as they …

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8 things to keep in mind for packing the perfect picnic

Can you remember how many times you packed lunch, only to end up with soggy and miserable looking sandwiches? Well, if it’s an office or school lunch you can easily rely on a granola bar for a quick meal and avoid the funny tasting pasta salad. But what happens when you are at a picnic and your snacks are ruined because you haven’t packed them well enough. You have to admit, it is fairly disappointing to starve after a day of fun and adventure on the beach.

There are three things you need for a perfect picnic- good weather, proper …

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