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Expert tips on how to get out of bad debt for good

Not all debt is terrible. Yet, when it comes to good debt vs. bad debt, the bad debt is the kind that’s crippling U.S. consumers with an average of $8,398 per household.

Good debt is anything that’s a clear investment in your future, and something you know you’ll be able to pay back or profit from. Some examples of good debt include student loans and real estate investments.

If you’re suffering from bad debt, it’s usually from credit cards or risky loans. Using credit or loans to pay for non-essential expenses adds up quickly and can end up limiting your …

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Family with cardboard boxes moving out from house
Tips & Tricks

Tips for your first long distance move

If you are moving to a remote location, perhaps several hundred miles away, it is important to do proper planning. Moving within your town or city is not that difficult by comparison. It will likely take you just a few minutes to drive from one location to the other. When traveling to another part of your state or interstate travel, there is so much more than you have to plan for.

If you hire a long distance moving company, they will take care of all of this for you. Yet, there are still a few things that you need …

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Builders tips before starting your home renovation

There are many reasons to renovate, perhaps you want to make room for more family members, you want to increase the price before selling your property, or you feel your home needs a fresh look. Before getting ahead of yourself, you need to consider your budget, the design you’re going for and if you’re mentally and physically prepared for the disruption that is about to come. Here are some things to dwell on first to ensure things go according to plan instead of wasting time and money:

1. Renovate or Move Out?

If you’re debating whether or not to build …

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