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My child was diagnosed with autism – what now?

When your child is diagnosed with autism it can be a life-changing moment. For most people, autism is a condition that we have heard of but either don’t know anything about or of which we have some misconceptions. Whilst a medical diagnosis can come as something of a relief because it explains your child’s actions or issues, it can easily leave you feeling very worried as you try to envisage how it will affect your child’s life. Moving on from an autism diagnosis can be daunting but it is so important to remember that you are not alone.

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water pipe burst

Emergency plumbers tips to reduce the risk of flooding

Burst pipes have become a common plumbing problem amongst residential and commercial spaces. It’s such an inconvenience that more people are eager to replace their current plumbing systems with more complex ones but even so, it is still bound to occur.

The most common reason why pipeworks burst in a home is because of brittleness caused by extreme temperature which then makes the pipe expand and contract as time goes by. Another reason is simply old age, pipes usually burst at weak points which are often found at their joints. But because a vast majority of pipework is hidden above …

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silver jewelry
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What is 925 silver? How to buy the best sterling silver jewelry

When it comes to precious metals, silver often plays second fiddle to gold. It’s cheaper and it’s only been around since 3000 BC, while gold mining’s been on the go 1000 years earlier.

Both are valuable in their own right, although gold is more expensive and more abundant than silver. Silver tarnishes slightly more easily than gold and is also lighter. However, there’s one place where silver stands up to gold and that’s in the jewelry market, especially when it comes to 925 silver.

So, what is 925 silver and why is it so popular?

What is 925 Silver

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