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Strengths you didn’t know you needed in your relationship

Relationships start with 90% attraction between two people, and as time goes by, that attraction lowers, and other qualities like empathy, communication, and understanding fill up the gaps in between.

Maybe the free numerology compatibility calculator says you and your significant other are over 80% match, but it doesn’t mean that relationship doesn’t require hard work. Indeed, there are so many things to fight for to strengthen your relationship, and most of them aren’t even based on the initial physical attraction between you.

So, what are those strengths you need to work on and fight for?


The honeymoon phase …

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Food Health

Health benefits of raspberries

Raspberry is an extraordinary fruit with undeniable nutritional benefits enough to take care of most of your daily nutritional needs. Apart from aiding in the treatment of serious ailments, it also helps to combat them. This is majorly associated with the fact that these fantastic gems are a rich source of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.

The sweet and juicy taste of the fruit is a wonderful one. It wouldn’t be a wonder to want more even after indulging in a handful of them whether fresh or frozen.

Raspberry, a perennial fruit, is a species in the rose family. Raspberries …

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dysfunctional family

The legal side of dysfunctional family environments

When a home environment becomes a warzone, those involved need to take action to remedy the situation as best possible. Whether due to addiction, or some other mental illness, the best way to safeguard those in the household is to seek legal advice. Talking to a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re betraying those experiencing difficulties at the moment. Many people associate seeking legal advice with negative experiences. Don’t let your preconceived notions or bias prevent you from doing the right thing. You need to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Addiction affects more and more people every year. Nearly 1 in …

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