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Keep these tips in mind when purchasing ethical footwear

We all have the power to speak up with our purchasing power. While none of us is actively trying to harm the planet when we buy a new pair of shoes, that is inevitably what happens when you don’t do any research into the brand beforehand. We should all feel a responsibility to be a bit more conscious when it comes to choosing products like our footwear.

To understand exactly what goes into fair trade shoes, we’ve compiled the short guide below. It not only explains what fair trade is, but gives examples of how to find fair trade products.…

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Helpful tips for work from home moms

There are so many advantages of working from home especially to mothers. Apart from being more productive, cutting out commuting time and costs, mothers are privileged to take care of their children. Most mothers who are already working from home agree that working and still getting a chance to take care of their children is super amazing.

Although there are challenges that come with working from home especially when your children are still small, the pros are way higher than the cons.

If this is something you are contemplating on doing or you are just starting out, then you need …

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Delta 8 gummies: what are they and what can they do for you?

Edibles are becoming more popular. In essence, they are any food infused with a variant of THC – the cannabis compound that provides a high. While you can make them yourself, there are also those you can buy – which is especially great if you like gummies since that’s their most common form. Even though edibles are gaining in popularity, the majority of people don’t know what delta 8 gummies are or how amazing they can be, but here are a few key things you should know about them.

1. What Are Delta 8 Gummies?

When cannabis is heated, the …

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