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As we get older, we all get increasingly busy and unavailable, no matter what our commitments may be.
Perhaps you are a working mum with three kids, a stay at home dad trying to run a business at the same time or you are simply juggling a career and a social life.

Whatever the situation, there are, no doubt, plenty of things that you deem more worthy of your time than lawn care.

It is a misconception that lawn care has to be time-consuming and difficult to carry out.

There are a number of lawn care tips that people with generally busy lives can benefit from…

Relatively regular mowing

The first of these lawn care tips to keep in mind is that ensuring to mow your lawn every once in a while can have a range of benefits. It will stop your grass from turning yellow, prevent weeds cropping up and discourage pests from invading the lawn. If you have children that will be playing out on the lawn often, keeping pests away with regular mowing is arguably even more important.

Despite saying this, when mowing, make sure not to go too short as keeping a medium length will encourage attractive herbs like thyme to grow. Top tip – thyme is a lovely green colour which can actually make your lawn appear greener than it is if you leave it to grow.

Once you have mowed your lawn, something you busy people might be glad to hear is that you can leave the majority of the grass clippings where they are as they can provide nutrients for the soil.

Lawn care services

The second of these lawn care tips for people with hectic lives is to pass on some of the responsibility to someone else. There are plenty of professional lawn care services out there to help you with all aspects of looking after your lawn’s health and appearance.

Greensleeves are the UK’s lawn care specialists and offer high-quality and effective lawn care treatments, which are proven to keep your lawn at it’s happiest all year round. What’s great about their professional lawn care services is that once you have scheduled in a few of their seasonal treatments, you can practically sit back and relax, knowing that your lawn is in good hands. Greensleeves’ treatments are all completely safe for children and most pets too so you can let your little ones dash around outside to their heart’s’ content!

Adapt your garden

As well as investing some money into putting your lawn in the hands of the experts, there are some other lawn care tips to minimise the amount of effort that your garden needs to look it’s best…

You could start by making your lawn care as manageable as possible. Try to remove any hard-to-reach areas or corners of the lawn so that when it needs mowing, the task is as easy and quick as it can be. It’s important with children to make sure that there is still a good sized lawn so there is a safe space for children to play without injuries, but simplifying the shape is recommendable.

To replace the interestingly shaped patches of grass, you could lay down painted decorative stones, gravel or even get creative and make a sandpit for the kids!

Moving on from lawn care tips, planting flowers is a relatively easy way to improve the look and feel of your garden. Despite this, there are some flowers that are a lot harder to look after than others. Opting for the easy-care flowers is your best bet, such as perennials like lavender – easy to maintain but still adds colour and smells amazing!

Planting flowers in pots instead of flower beds is another great way to minimise your gardening demands as the roots of flowers can absorb water more easily from further down the pot. Also, pots are reusable so if you are slacking with your gardening efforts and accidentally let a flower die, it can easily be replaced.


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  1. Mulching the lawn can work too. Mulching is done by taking grass clippings from the lawn and spreading them along the lawn. This can be done to not only protect the soil but to also make sure that grass that is in the ground already will be properly nourished.

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