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Every home deserves a great looking kitchen, so you will feel happy and relaxed when you walk inside it. If you don’t like how your kitchen is looking any longer, you probably need to change the design of your kitchen. At the same time, you can improve storage spaces and the organization of this space, so you can make the most of your kitchen. So, you may want to think about the downsides of your current kitchen, in order to make better future choices. When it comes to kitchen designs, you should keep your eyes on this year’s trends if you want a gorgeous kitchen. Find out what is in and what is out, for a stunning and functional kitchen at the same time. Before getting to the trends, it is worth mentioning that Kitchen Warehouse Ltd can provide anything you need for your dream kitchen.

Smart storage spaces

Most of us live in apartments, so our kitchens are small. So, we need to do our best to maximize the potential of this room by using the space in a clever manner. Practically, every small space and corner can be used. This is why you should always create the furniture for your kitchen according to the available space. For instance, take the length of an entire wall and make sure you fill it with cabinets and smart storage spaces as much as it is possible. When everything is concealed with the help of well-made kitchen furniture, it will look harmonious and neat.

Open shelves

Open shelves give you the chance to store various items, while still giving the impression of open space. They are great for empty walls, as they will give a new purpose for an unused area and will take small items off the kitchen counter, making space appear larger. So, if you think that too many cabinets will create a cramped space, this minimalist solution will do much better in your kitchen.

Vintage details

Vintage kitchen designs with traditional elements are continuing to be trendy and much appreciated. If you like this kind of designs, you can definitely go for it. The best part is that you don’t have to remodel an entire kitchen to get that vintage look. You can add rattan furniture, such as chairs, and replace the doors of the existent cabinets and you’ll obtain a significant change. Opting for replacement kitchen doors is more accessible than buying the entire furniture, yet more than capable to change the entire aspect of your kitchen.

Bright colors for upholstery

Believe it or not, this year will be the closing year for white kitchens. Present in the trends for years in the row, white kitchens are not that fascinating anymore. But, if you still like them or have a white kitchen, you can upgrade it with the help of colorful upholstery. Yes, choosing a bright blue for the seats in your kitchen or any other small colorful items will definitely improve the aspect of your kitchen.

Natural wood remains king in this sector

No one can deny the beauty and elegance of natural wood, even when it is used in the kitchen. Natural wood has a uniquely warm and beautiful texture, which is capable of taking your thoughts away in a dream-like vacation or mountain cabin. A kitchen where wood is present will appear calming, warm, and welcoming, which are very good reasons to opt for this particular design.

Colorful cabinets

As mentioned earlier, there is a clear tendency to walk away from traditional white kitchens. So, more and more people chose colorful cabinets, if not the entire kitchen furniture in a bright color. Shades of blue and green are very popular at the moment. Whether we are talking about bright blue, teal, or gray-washed blue, they are all quite appreciated. Also, hunter green is starting to gain terrain as well when it comes to colors suitable for a kitchen.

The use of natural materials

This year, having a modern kitchen also means having natural materials present in its composition. Thus, if you like stone, jute, wood, or shiplap, you can use any of them to create your dream kitchen. They are welcoming in their own way and will give the kitchen a distinct note of elegance. Use these materials in the form of decorative items, flooring, countertops, and anywhere you consider suitable.

Light fixtures in the form of pendants

Ceiling light fixtures in the kitchen are out, as pendant lighting fixtures are in this year. Even if you have an open space, which usually happens in modern homes, you can use statement lighting fixtures to mark certain areas. So, you can use these fixtures in the kitchen and dining areas, for practical and decorative purposes. Those with Italian influences coming from the middle of the century are expected to be quite popular this year.

Classic meets modern

Everybody dreams about a modern kitchen, but what is modern today can appear aged tomorrow. This is why using classic lines and details will help give your kitchen a timeless look. The best part is that the kitchens will be a great entwining between classic and modern. Modern appliances and amenities will meet classic details and design, the result being a warm and attractive kitchen, where the entire family feels good.

The reign of matte black

Matte black is present in the trends for a while now and it appears that it is here to stay. This year, it will continue to be part of kitchen designs, in the form of fixtures and hardware accents. It is just what kitchens made in light colors need in order to appear elegant, with a spot of drama.


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