two sisters

It is your sister’s birthday and you want to tell her how important she is to you. The number of fights and arguments you have all the time isn’t enough to tell her how adorable she is. Here’s a list of few gifts you could give her for her birthday…

A box of 100 reasons why…

Collect 100 reasons why you love her, why people love her. You can get the reasons from her best friends too. You can ask them to write down some reasons why they love her. Collect the chits or letters in one box and decorate it and gift it to her. She can read those chits and letters when she feels low, and feel loved when you are not around to comfort her.

A beautiful limited edition watch

If she is a watch person, a limited edition watch is the best gift she would ever get. You could even arrange for an autograph of her favorite star on the dial of the watch to make it more special.


Simple gold earrings designs, gold chain price lists as low as possible with the beautiful design would do wonders too. If you want to buy it online, there is a site which provides the price list of their designs online and others provide on request.


She is, of course, fond of bags. Beautiful and trendy bags will surely make her your fan. Yes, choose the right color and right design.

Subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime

You can add character to her year and make it more interesting with a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime where she can watch various movies and TV series to chill.


They say books are the best friend of man. Books increase imaginative power and make life better. You could give her some books like those and increase her reading appetite.

Makeup items and accessories

If she is a fan of doing makeup regularly, you could gift her chemical free makeup items which are organic and skin friendly. One way of telling her that you care for her through caring for her skin.

Enroll her for the gym

She might have gained weight since the last few months. Maybe because she stopped walking to college and started taking her car. You can get her to hit the gym and care for her fitness so that she can keep up with the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle in a healthy way.

Send her on a day or two trips with her girl gang

You do know how fun and refreshing is just a day’s outing with your gang. You can plan it all for her and even keep it surprise by not letting her friends inform her about the trip. She could pamper herself, have all sorts of fun, party, dance, with her gang and make her book of memories bigger.

There are many various ways of telling your sister that you love her and care for her. Wish your sister a very happy birthday!


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