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You should have already sat down and tried to figure out why all those things happen on your birthday and other celebrations. Why is it that almost every celebration that you had ended up in a bar drinking and getting crazy? Is it the same trend that should continue with your wedding anniversary celebrations? Is the same thing that should happen when you are celebrating your wedding? No need to go elsewhere to find the answers of these questions, all the best ways are detailed here…

Here I will take this opportunity to show you some simple solutions and a few ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary apart from dealing with those crazy and lazy hangovers the next morning.

The fact is that every wedding or a wedding anniversary is a milestone. There are several different ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Wedding’s Day

1. Get Back to Your First Date

The good thing is that almost everybody has a vivid picture of their first date. When you are celebrating your wedding anniversary why don’t you get back to the place you met and try to make it look as if it’s the first date.

If you met on a food outlet or a dinner’s club, get back there. If the venue is still there, well and good, get there and do exactly what you were doing on the first date.

If the place you met is not accessible, then you can try to create a similar spot. Try to make it as live as possible. You met somewhere and eventually went to watch the sky? Why don’t you get another place with the same environment and watch the sky. That is actually going to give you several pictures of something you did miles away.

2. Give Gifts

The tradition always gives you a clear picture of what you should do. It is tradition on most of the cultures to give gifts when you are celebrating your day.

The fact is that today people are very active and busy and for this reason there are several instances when your anniversary is there but you can’t have enough time to take a flight and week or a month off to another country.

In this case, why don’t you spare some little time and give each other gifts. You have enough money, why don’t you gift your woman or man a brand new Benz? Why can’t you give your wife a brand new laptop or a phone that she will remember for the rest of the years. You can give your partner a memorable and functional gift such as a limited edition watch, which you can check out on

3. It’s Time to do Something New

The good thing is that there are several new things that you can do today. When you are celebrating your wedding, then at least break the monotony and do something new. Do something that you have never did and if possible take something breathtaking.

You can travel to another place for sky diving, tourism or even take a chance to sing your best karaoke for your significant other in a night club. You can as well get out with your children and have a nice day outside.

If you are celebrating many years of being in marriage, then take the chance and create a surprise party for your lover.

4. Watch Your Wedding Video

Today most of the people take photos and videos for their special day. If you are one of them, then you can just spare some time to watch your wedding photos and videos.

Most people don’t even remember to watch their wedding videos but it’s a good way of spending your anniversary. You can actually get to a whole new place and watch that memorable day on your screen.

If you don’t have a wedding video, then I believe you have some photos or a video of a vacation you spent together, that is exactly what you should watch on this special day.

5. Just Be Together

Sometimes it’s not gifting and travelling that makes a better day. If you don’t live with your spouse in the same location, why don’t you spare some time and spend the rest of the day together? This is one of the best ways of celebrating your special day.

Sacrifice the time and travel

If possible take that chance and plan something for just you two. Get a spot where you can spend the time together. You can even take a road trip together or play some game. That’s enough, you don’t have to drain your pockets celebrating this special day, there are several cheap ways you can do that.

Spending some time with your family is one of them. In fact your wife/husband and children missed you a lot.

Wrapping it up

I’m sure you have liked these simple but best ways to celebrate your wedding day with a great joy. If you know some more than share them with me.

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