We know there are different types of dreams; daydreams, unconscious dreams in our sleep, nightmares, and lucid dreaming which is the rare kind.

Research says that we spend at least an hour everyday daydreaming about something or the other. Psychologists and academics to this day, are trying to grapple the evolution of our consciousness and its depths. There are still questions to be answered; one of them being, why do we dream?

Freud, the famous psychoanalyst and the author of “The interpretation of dreams” says that dreams are nothing but our repressed wishes given form; though that definition does not explain the nightmares. Scientific research on the topic is still in progress and we hope one day to know the answer to it.

We are going to talk about a different kind of dreaming here though, our daydreaming. Why do we dream consciously? Why do we stare distantly when our mind is off somewhere in a world of its own?

If we are to believe the theory of Freud and that the dreams that we have at night are our repressed wishes, that our unconscious mind that has finally let go and given form to it; we might believe that daydreams are our wishes given form by our perfectly conscious mind. It might also mean that daydreams are what we hope, want, or wish was possible in life. There are several journals available online written by academics and experts at BestOnlineAssignmentHelp, OnlineAssignmentWriting and EssayWriter4U and several other websites on the same topic trying to get to the depths of it.
Daydreaming transcends realities letting you off to an alternate universe where you can imagine anything; a college football player might keep imagining himself playing and scoring a last minute goal for Real Madrid FC or a janitor in his 50s and cleaning a gym could imagine him having a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. We do not know what another person daydreams about, if he/she goes off to fantasy land flying into space or just dreams about riding a supercar at the speed of 250 miles per hour.

Each person is differently conscious having a unique set of experiences; we might think that we know people, that we understand their motives but we have no idea how someone is wired in their brains and what their experiences in life have taught them to believe. Psychiatrists spend years on people trying to understand their experiences of childhood and adulthood; to know why they function how they function but still fail to completely understand the whole experience. According to an article published in Paper Doers, “Daydreaming might mean reminiscing unfulfilled wishes for the old, but for the young it means a world of opportunities”. I agree with that statement, for the young who is daydreaming about being renowned or becoming a great athlete still has time on their side giving them an advantage and opportunity. What they have to do is rise up to the challenge and grab the opportunity; they will not get another chance.

Sadly, the young do realize it and still fail to do anything about it. They have heard the term “inaction makes for more regret than action”, they understand the tem, but do not realize the depth of it. If they come to realize the depths of it, maybe they will be filled with passion to strive for what they dream about, what they wish for.

For the sad souls, daydreaming gives them an escape; taking someone out of misery for a while, landing them on a world of fantasy and thoughts of happiness. Maybe daydreaming is necessary for us to be mentally healthy; maybe we all get bored of it once a while and like to drift off. According to research published by folks at CDR-Report, there are many benefits to daydreaming such as ‘mental rewarding of oneself’ and ‘greater creativity in children’ but the excess of it can be really harmful to the mental health of a person, leading them to ‘cave in’ to the thoughts and giving them much more pleasure in daydreaming than in healthy social relationships.

Whatever it may be, there is no limit yet to how many types of daydreams there are. No two psychologists agree on one number, maybe it reaches as many numbers as there are people living giving flight to each many dreams.


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