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It’s becoming an increasing trend that tourists from all sides of the globe are fascinated by the ex-communist Eastern European block. For many years, countries that were once isolated from the eyes of the foreigners have been diligent to re-create a positive image. Once the iron curtain fell and all the stereotypes started to vanish, an explosion of tourism ensued. In a constant struggle to attract a bigger number of visitors, some countries “magnetized” themselves immaculately – and the fight for tourism supremacy had just begun.

The stronghold of fun on Dambovita river

It’s no surprise that most of the people that visit this city come for some of that bombastic entertainment. Stories of parties that can last for a couple of days reach far and wide, making it a perfect fertile ground for stag do getaways and nightlife escapades. Today’s Bucharest is filled with luxurious clubs and hotspots where you will be able to have immense fun without spending a fortune. Best clubs in Bucharest include places like Mojo, Kristal Glam, Bamboo, Face, and Control Club among many others.

Romania and its capital city of Bucharest stand as the prime example of a thriving and attractive community in unprecedented fashion. Behind the cold grey walls of once detached European city lies the newly formed party hub with millions of satisfied visitors each year. The hospitality of its people will amaze you and maybe even put you on the edge of tears once you realize how far they’ve come in completing their goals.

For all those who prefer a somewhat peaceful atmosphere, there are countless pubs and bars to choose from. If money plays a major role in deciding where to head off to for your next trip, Bucharest is a perfect place for you. With some of the lowest prices literally anywhere you go, Bucharest’s nightlife reputation positioned the entire country quite high on European party hotspot lists.

Once you reach the city center, you will be fascinated with the realization that such a vivid selection of clubs can be found amid such historic streets. Bucharest will amaze pretty much anyone who loves to change different venues and experience all manner of fun activities in just one night. Not to mention the witty nature of Romanian girls who are more than happy to have endless fun during parties. It is safe to say that no matter how long you plan to stay in Bucharest, there will always be some party venue you didn’t pay a visit to, which explains why so many visitors keep returning again and again.

Beautiful and diverse cultural heritage

The present-day capital of Romania is a modern metropolis where tall glass buildings and gleaming spires decorate the cityscape. Yet, no matter where you turn your head while taking long walks down the famous Bucharest boulevards, you will be greeted with quaint landmarks of the past. During your stay, it is essential that you pay a visit to the famous Palace of the Parliament, Europe’s largest structure that stands as a testament to the brutal communist regime. Additionally, the Romanian Athenaeum is one of the most eye capturing buildings in the city located near the Revolution Square that marks the starting point of nearly all tours of Bucharest.

Art Nouveau and Belle Époque are two predominant approaches in architectural symbolism that you would also find in cities like Prague, Dresden or Vienna. And there is no better way to take a breather and relax from exploring the city than visiting some of many blooming parks with natural and artificial lakes. Cișmigiu Gardens is the most famous example where you can feel the perfect dose of serenity amid the bustling metropolis. And of course, don’t forget that Bucharest opened the largest beach in all of Europe last year! The beach has fine sand, pools and it is located only 15 minutes from the city center.

Taste of Romanian spirit and soul

Rich mouthwatering menus are something that everyone has on their minds when thinking about European cuisine. Romanians will naturally tell you that their dishes win the most hearts yet no one has stepped forward to prove them otherwise. All it takes is one bite of that famous Mititei and all doubts of this self-proclaimed culinary title vanish.

Everywhere you go in Bucharest, you will find restaurants rich in traditional dish selection with world-renowned Romanian wines customarily served before and after each meal. Romanian people are also recognized for their generosity and hospitality so it’s no wonder foreigners sometimes leave a bigger tip than usual. And before you head off to the airport to leave Romanian borders, make sure you bring one bottle of wine to show your friends and family the sweet taste of Bucharest’s spirit.


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