wedding dress alteration

You might have found a wedding dress that you feel a million dollars in but there are some small things you would change. Or maybe you have inherited a wedding dress from previous generations but it needs a modern revamp?

Whatever your situation, the possibilities with wedding dress alterations are (almost) endless.

You can change the neckline, shorten it, lengthen it, add some sleeves, need I go on?

On your big day, you want to make sure that you feel completely and utterly wonderful in your dress but also that you are comfortable. There’s no good looking amazing but being unable to have some fun.

This is why wedding dress alterations can save the day – whatever you request, experienced seamstresses will no doubt be able to provide.

It is highly unlikely that any bride tries a dress on in a shop that already fits like a glove in all the right places, so make the most of what wedding dress alterations can do for you.

Where to go…

The first question women most likely have when considering wedding dress alterations is where to go. There may be an alterations service included at the shop you bought your dress or, if your dress has been passed onto you, there are a number of wedding dress alterations services out there. No one wants to be scammed, so make sure that the boutique or alterations company you approach is legitimate and reputable.

The Alterations Boutique London have years and years of experience and have been praised by many, including David Emanuel, the famous designer of Princess Diana’s dress, for their highly skilled and quality wedding dress alterations services. If you have any questions about what can be done to alter your dress they are happy to help and offer all fittings and initial consultations completely free – so you can figure out exactly what you want before any money leaves your bank!

When to go…

It might go without saying, but wedding dress alterations take time; they don’t happen overnight. Make sure that you book in with an alterations service at least six weeks before your big day, if not even earlier. If you know your dress needs a lot of work before you will feel happy in it, then start as early as you can. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared, especially when there is so much else to do at the same time!

What you can have done…


One option is to hem your dress. Often the dresses in bridal shops are made far too long for the average person, but altering your dress hem is not an issue. You should keep in mind the size of heel that you will be wearing on your big day so the dress doesn’t drag too much on the floor or end up too short!

Add a bustle

More often than not, wedding dresses are long and touch the ground. It is a good idea to alter the dress to have a bustle, which basically means that when it’s time to go to the loo or have a boogie, you can hook your dress up.

Bust alterations

Some people like showing more cleavage than others and some people need more support in that department than others, so why not make the most of wedding dress alterations in that respect. If you want to emphasise your cleavage you could have bust darts sewn in to draw the area together. Whereas if you just need more support, such as for a strapless dress, you can have cups added into the actual dress. This solves the big issue of trying to find a suitable bra too!

Taking in or letting out

It’s quite common for brides to buy a dress one size too small for a bit of gym motivation. However, this may not always go to plan. Don’t worry, there are plenty of wedding dress alterations to adjust the sizing of dresses. If you end up gaining a few pounds from all the wedding cake tasting or end up losing more than you expected due to stress – do not fret!


Your dress might fit perfectly, hang right and show off all your favourite body parts… but still not feel quite right. Why not add some embellishments and detailing? Wedding dress alterations allow you to essentially choose the type of detail you like, whether it be lace, beads or even sparkly sequins. On the other hand, if you are more of a minimal bride, you can have embellishment removed too.

The cost…

The cost of wedding dress alterations is obviously very dependent on the services you require. For example, a simple removal of some embellishment will cost far less than a complete redesign. However, in general, wedding dress alterations are not cheap. You should be willing to spend to receive high-quality services.

Keep this in mind when you are buying a dress – you don’t want to completely break the bank before your big day.

So, it is clear that wedding dress alterations pretty much open many doors for how you can transform your dress – perhaps too many!


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