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Today let me present you my latest acquisition technology-lifestyle-related. It’s a Teamyo smartwatch I’m in love with. I was thinking, some time ago, to try something cheap, test it thoroughly and then move, in about a year, to a high-end, more expensive smartwatch. But you know what, after wearing this one for a few weeks now, I don’t need a branded one anymore as this little guy satisfies me completely with all the functions it offers.

Why did I go for a smartwatch in the first place? Well, a smartwatch is not uncommon anymore. In this day and age, technology is quite prominent. Imagine accessing an incredible amount of information within seconds using the smartphone connected to a smartwatch. Health related information, fitness related information. It’s simply fantastic. And this one, the Teamyo Circular Disc Tempered Glass Smartwatch is simply an excellent choice. I’ll tell you why.

Basically, it is a wearable computer in form of a wristwatch. The touchscreen interface is easy to use, you can track the fitness data on the go and historic data on the smartphone. You can even control the smartphone using this smartwatch (and vice versa). It is able to do this because it is an extension of it, once connected via Bluetooth.

An impressive feature about this smartwatch is its ability to support sports pedometer, heart rate, sleep quality monitor and sedentary alert, and SpO2 levels (the blood oxygen saturation levels) beside, of course, the classic time and date.

Teamyo smartwatch fitness trackerTeamyo smartwatch fitness trackerTeamyo smartwatch fitness trackerTeamyo smartwatch fitness tracker

The curiosity made me check the heart rate the most. This smartwatch can easily measure the heart rate at the wrist so I just made sure every beat counted. But not only curiosity as you can see some charts and data analysis on the smartphone with highest heart rate, average and lowest heart rate during a given period of time.

Also the blood pressure in different situations: when I was tired, angry, having a headache. The data transfers to the smartphone instantly (let’s not forget, there’s an application needed – Dafin) and historical data is available on the big screen at any time. I was also able to start the blood pressure measurement using the smartphone, once. But I have to admit, it’s more convenient using the smartwatch’s touch interface.

The smartwatch is also capable of counting the steps and measuring the distance and monitoring the energy consumption and the heart rate (continuously) in several sport modes: walking, running, cycling, skipping, playing badminton, basketball and football. I preferred walking and running these weeks.

This one works just fine with my Android smartphone and is also compatible with all iOS 9.0 and above Apple devices. Also with all Android versions starting 4.4, according to the manufacturer. It’s IP67 waterproof and I had the chance to test it wearing it while taking a shower. It still works 😉

After this experience I won’t have a problem checking the time or my bpm while walking in the rain, it will surely happen some time but my Teamyo smartwatch will be ready. I only have to pay attention not exposing it to continuous hot water flow which might damage it.

There are some things I didn’t test yet: the WhatsApp connectivity which is supposed to allow me to see new messages on my smartwatch; and playing music on smartphone while controlling it with the smartwatch. But I can imagine walking around town listening to my favorite music while the phone is in my pocket, and controlling it using the smartwatch. And if I don’t like a particular track, to change the song by simply clicking the next button to listen to the next song, pausing or adjusting the volume. That sounds like a lot of fun but as I said, hadn’t the chance to test it. What’s for sure is it really makes it easier to listen to music while on the go.

The messaging feature sounds interesting, isn’t it? Instead of getting into trouble by using the phone in a place where phones are restricted, why not using the smartwatch to see the notifications without removing the phone from the pocket? That way, it’s easy to stay out of trouble and still be informed. With a smartwatch, it’s easy to stay informed without any disturbances such as distracting people in a movie theatre with that bright screen just to see who sent a text message or look misplaced in an office meeting or a date. Let’s call it social etiquette.

Some things it can’t do is checking emails, upload photos or purchase a product online. But this particular smartwatch from Teamyo is not intended to act as an alternative to smartphone. It’s simply a health and lifestyle companion with a few useful add-ons.

The bottom line

The point is, although you might think of it, this smartwatch is not here to replace the phone. Actually, it is meant to complement it and make your life much easier and convenient. Hence, this little guy is worth the money and resources.

Click the following link to see more smartwatches offered by Teamyo.


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