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The trembling and pleasant frisson people experience when they are going on their first date is just amazing! They pick their best outfit, come up with an unusual place for a date, and try to look as intelligent and funny as possible. But why does romance disappear with time?

Today we are going to take a closer look at 4 places most probably not familiar for you. Here, you can arrange your next date for your loved one and amaze her, or him, with your inspiration and creativity. Such a date will become one of the most memorable for you both.

Dating apps in 2018 are so highly popular, but the challenge people who meet online face comes with arranging the first date. Where to go? What to eat? And so much depends on the spot you choose. So for you to tackle the destination choice for your next date, we have prepared a small guide of the places we find the most unusual and worth visiting.

The Finger Lakes Region Of Upstate New York

Date idea: Cheese and wine degustation and spectacular views.

The destination is located not far away from New York City, and the trip itself will take no more than six hours. A picturesque countryside of burning red fall, grape groves, and centuries-old barns now used as stores of antique goods. The Finger Lakes region is also a huge agricultural center, with tons of organic farming and eco-friendly restaurants where you can try food directly from the local gardens.

The Red Newt Cellar Winery Bistro that is situated near Seneca Lake is a place every couple looking for a romantic date spot must visit. The owner of the place, David Whiting, who has been doing wine practically all his life, cooperates with some other local entrepreneurs like Autumn Harvest which is the producer of meat, Red Jacket Orchards juicery and farm store, as well as dairy products provider company Lively Run Goat.

Together, they arrange the supply of fresh, local-grown products directly to your table, and the cuisine of the restaurant consists of the dishes cooked from the best organic ingredients. You will find marvelous wheat ravioli and sun-dried tomatoes sauce in the menu.

And if you want to relax after the long exploration of the local areas and treating yourselves to the delicious cuisine, you can try spa treatments on the Belhurst Castle. A romantic atmosphere, spa treatments for two, and wine tasting are all at your service.

St. Augustine, Florida

Date idea: Downshifted romantic weekend.

This spot is perfect for downshifters wanting to run away from the noisy metropolises and explore the quiet streets and castles full of histories and legends, resting at the Casa Monica Hotel in between sessions, sipping frappuccinos, listening to the sound of the old castle bells, and traveling in the carriages.

Yet St. Augustine is not as far from the civilization as you might think. There luxurious jewelry galleries and antique shops are here too, and if you find yourselves nearby the central St. George Street, be sure to have a dinner at 95 Cordova Restaurant which interior is just spectacular, and the ceiling is covered in gold.

Colbart Bar, on the contrary, is ideal for the chic date night, as mind-blowing cocktails and pleasant blues music add to the atmosphere here.

Sedona, Arizona

Date idea: Recharge your batteries in harmony with nature.

What can be better for improving your sex drive and adding spice to your personal life than a few days of privacy in Sedona’s marvelous natural stones and rock valley? Some tourists and visitors of this spectacular place say that the stones store special energy that inspires your inner powers and starts a completely new wild stage in your intimate life. So you can either spend a day, surrounded by the magic rocks to get rid of unnecessary bits, and clear your aura or take an energetic hike on the unpopular for the ordinary tourist routes that lie through wild areas offering amazing views.

Top Of The Rock, New York City

Date idea: Top notch spot for the urban diggers.

Tired of the same overcrowded skyscrapers but are addicted to the rush of adrenaline that triggers your blood when seeing the city from the bird’s eye view? Visit Top of the Rock! Not only will you beat the majority of the people who boast about having visited the Empire State Building but will also get a spectacular 360⁰ view of Manhattan. Then you can also have the best date night at the Times Square hotel or treat yourselves to the delicious dinner at the Spanish-American restaurant on the 35th floor.

These locations are suitable for various occasions and couples; surely everyone will find a spot for the best date they can imagine.


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