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If you are a fashion-conscious person, then chances are your wardrobe is always updated. You might be having tons of options to choose from but what if you have to pick one ethnic attire for every occasion and routine wear? A well-draped saree is sure to win hearts whether it’s a regular day at an office, a formal event, a festive celebration at your workplace or an interview. Sarees are the perfect traditional outfits that can be worn on every occasion. It makes you look sexy and stylish in the most traditional way.

Most of us think of sarees as formal wear, however, sarees worn casually have a unique charm. You can order casual wear sarees online or buy it from a nearby store and experiment with the look if you haven’t yet. Before you begin saree shopping spree, here are a few options to consider. Wearing a saree for casual purposes or as an office-wear is a lot different from wearing a saree to a formal occasion. The style, the pattern, and the design can make or break your look. However, if you have selected the right attire, it can make you win hearts and fetch you some amazing complements.

When it comes to casual wear saree, it allows you to experiment with different styles. While you keep the colors and embellishments subtle, you can get bold and edgy by mix and matching the blouse. You don’t have to stick to the traditional styles, but go for something unconventional like belt saree, saree with jackets, or a contrast blouse with plain saree.

Casual Wear Saree Styles

  1. Bold Floral Digital Prints: Florals have a unique feminine charm to it. The bold floral digital prints are available in distinguished designs to choose from. It looks perfect in the season of summer and spring. Light-weight fabric like crepe, georgette, chiffon, and cotton with floral prints makes for a perfect ensemble for any day in the office. This type of a saree can add breezy and refreshing allure to the wearers’ personality. Choose subtle colors or a combination of pastel hues for a perfect casual wear saree in floral prints.
  2. Chanderi Saree: Chanderi sarees are an epitome of elegance. Traditionally originating from Madhya Pradesh, it is produced from three kinds of fabric—pure silk, chanderi cotton, and blended silk cotton. It is usually considered the lighter version of silk. The fabric has a lustrous texture which is subtle yet hard to miss out on. Floral art, peacocks, geometric patterns are some of the common woven designs of Chanderi sarees that look great on women of all ages and shapes. A classic off-white chanderi saree with contrasting vibrant color blouse makes for an impressive attire.
  3. Linen Saree: Linen sarees are a new rage among the modern Indian women. Plain linen sarees are loved by ambitious women with a classy taste of fashion. It has great fall and aesthetically it is exquisite in its appeal. Accessorizing this saree right is a must. You must pick the right blouse, earrings and footwear to slay in this look.
  4. Classic Sheer Black Saree: Women’s love for black sarees is eternal. A plain black saree is a perfect pick for all kinds of events. This look is definitely never going to disappoint you. A classic black saree brings the inner diva in you and enhances the ultimate feminine prowess inside you. You can choose from several sheer fabrics for a classic black saree. Chiffon, net, and georgette are some of the few options to choose from.
  5. Kalamkari Sarees: Kalamkari sarees are a true reflection of rich Indian culture and its many facets. These sarees are like a canvas of art which displays artists’ painstaking efforts. These are the traditional style of sarees which has gained popularity among the young crowd. Its rich designs have gained the attention of young girls to its rich designs. These sarees are made to perfection with designs inspired by Hindu Mythology, and art from ancient caves. This number is a huge hit among young women.
  6. Sarees With Belts: Belts are a common accompaniment of the western wear. However, this particular accessory has influenced the east too. Pairing up sarees with belts below the blouse is a new fad. Women love to experiment with this look and are breaking the conventional ideas associated with traditional wear. Fancy leather belts or belts with ethnic motifs are a great accessory to add extra oomph to the casual wear sarees.
  7. Sarees with Formal Jackets: These sarees are a great option for anyone who loves layering. Sarees topped with formal jackets is a new trend. While intricately designed jackets on sarees add a regal charm, it also provides has an extra layer of covering during winters. These sarees are perfect for anyone with sophisticated taste and winter wear.
  8. Geometric Prints: Geometric prints might look dull, however when found on stylish ethnic wear they create magic. Geometric prints on dull colors make great sarees for office wear. Checks and other geometric prints look like designer wear and are loved by women of all ages.

These are few casual wear saree styles that are certainly going to make you outshine. At the same time, you can even experiment with a blouse to create a unique look for your daily wear routine. For instance, you can try dapper styles of a blouse like bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder, high-collared neck and sheer back. Meanwhile, you can even team a plain cotton saree with rich kalamkari blouse or silk blouse to add an extra tinge of style and vibrancy. Sarees are the most versatile outfit that looks incredibly impressive on all kinds of occasions. It is perfect to make you look attractive, stylish, and sophisticated.


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