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5 innovative elements for the modern home

It’s amazing how much has changed in homes when you look back on the designs of 20 years ago. Gone are the long hallways and multiple partitions; open spaces are the current trend. Flaunting figurines and china on top of furniture have now been replaced with sticking to a minimalist, no-frills interior. There’s no denying how homes have evolved along with the times.

It’s not about simply trying out new things; it’s about adapting to one’s needs and preferences. These modern home innovations have not only simplified home design details but have also improved the daily lives of homeowners across …

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basement furnace

Does your furnace in Maple Ridge need to be repaired?

If there’s one thing you really don’t need to deal with when the temperatures are plummeting and snow is on the ground is a faulty furnace! This kind of living nightmare is even worse if you have youngsters or vulnerable seniors to keep warm in a Maple Ridge property. Even a furnace which is still working to some extent can be dangerous – as fumes such as carbon monoxide may be released, and without a detector in your home it would not be identified until it is possibly too late to avoid serious problems.

Below we discuss some of the …

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smart home kitchen

How to make your home smart

We live in an age where pretty much everything is becoming easier, and that’s thanks to the great minds of our world creating out-there, mind-boggling technology. Now, instead of waiting for what seems like forever for our dial-up connection to give us access to the internet to find out how to cook a chicken, we can simply dive into our pockets, pull out our smartphones and google it. It hasn’t stopped there either, as we can now even integrate smart technology into our homes to make life even easier! Interested in having a smarter home? Check out this list of …

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