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There’s no replacement for natural light and the way that it makes a home feel warm, welcoming and alive. With those precious summer months approaching – and rising energy costs causing us all to want to turn off lights where possible – it’s time to think about whether you could find more ways to let the sun brighten up your space.

Install a conservatory

If you want to make the most of natural light then there’s no question that a conservatory is the way to do it. A room surrounded almost entirely by glass is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy the daylight, even on a colder day. Of course, adding a conservatory to your house is no small task and it can get expensive – be sure to carefully establish a budget so you have a clear picture of the finances of such a project.

Add a skylight

Perfect for the roof or any part of your house that doesn’t have any floors above it, a skylight is a brilliant way to consistently let in a vast amount of natural light. It represents an opportunity to cut back on bills, as it’ll keep the room fully illuminated for as long as the light itself lasts. If you’ve set up a home office upstairs, this could be the ideal way to keep you feeling bright and energised throughout the working day.

Replace old windows

If you have room in your budget for some improvements then you might find that an update to your windows could let in a lot more light without drastically changing the layout of a room. If you want to go for something more ambitious, though, consider looking into bi-fold doors. Transforming an entire wall into glass, doubling as a way to get out into the garden, could brighten up even the gloomiest space.

Of course, there are changes you can make even if you don’t want to outright replace your windows. It’s easy to forget to properly wash your windows but doing so a little more often than before will ensure that you get the most light out of your existing setup.

Invest in appropriate blinds

Many of us have rooms where we want to enjoy natural light as well as ensure some privacy at times. Fortunately, it’s now possible to find a variety of light-filtering blinds that can manage what gets out as well as in. It’s easy to discover different options to match both the style of your home and your budget, so you can get the best of both worlds.


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