glass patio door

How to install glass patio door?

Glass replacement can be a tough job is you are not a glazier or technician. If your patio door glass got broken, cracked or you simply want to install a new glass, you will need some assistance. AraxWindows is the leading windows and doors repair company with a huge experience in solving problems that deliver a lot of inconveniences. If your door glass got broken, cracked or want to get a new glass for your sliding door, this is the right place to ask for help!

Of course, you can try to replace patio door glass yourself but this can …

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bathroom design blue tiles
Home Inspiration

15 glass bathroom shelves installation ideas to modernize your space

It is a nightmare for most of us to have a shabby and unkempt washroom. The toiletries littering around your countertop or hanging behind the door in your bathroom makes an unpleasant picture. There are times when all our efforts for organizing our toiletries go in vain. Our drawers, cabinets, shelves paint a picture of them being in use of a child. The size of your lavatory doesn’t matter once you let your imagination and creativity run wild. Your creativity can play a major role to transform the look of your bathroom. There are plenty of ways through which you …

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smart home security system
Home Ideas

Benefits of a home security system during the back-to-school season

As summer slowly comes to an end, some parents are looking forward to back-to-school season; others – not so much. One thing is valid across the board: There is no better time to get a home alarm system with kids going back to school. According to the FBI, a burglary takes place every 14 seconds in the US, and you are 300% more likely to experience a break in without a monitored alarm system.

Maybe there isn’t always an adult at home when your child or children come back from school, which can be a source of stress. A home …

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