polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is something that is used off of the human energy process. It is comprised of the electromagnetic patterns that are used in mental, emotional, and physical responses. When someone is sick, it is said that the human energy is in poor condition and it needs to be repaired with the polarity therapy process. When using the energy that is based in bodywork, exercise, dieting and being aware, polarity therapy is going to give the body a stronger human energy field. This will in return make them healthier.

Polarity therapy was first used by Randolph Stone that published a total of seven works by 1954 that talked about what he found in his research into using energy in the healing art form. He found that touch, diet, movement, sounds, attitudes and relationships as well as the things that happen in life experiences affect the human energy field. He used his findings and theories during his medical career in Chicago and had a great deal of success with the majority of the patients. With these first results at hand, some of Stone’s students carried on his work and in 1984 the American Polarity Therapy Association was opened and since then, polarity therapy gained more and more recognition and started being used a lot as a form of alternative medicine and has been more diverse than when it was first thought of.

A person’s energy is supposed to flow smoothly and clearly. When it does, a person is thought to be healthy. However, blockages in the flow of energy can occur due to stress or other factors in life. When this happens, the body will become less healthy and some illness can occur. Polarity therapy is going to look for blockages and will try to get rid of them and this will allow the energy to flow free again. A usual polarity therapy session can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. During a polarity therapy session, there will be different types of touch and speaking interactions that will happen. The professional will use degrees of touch on the patient, some light and some harder in order to help their muscles relax and this will help to fight stress. The specialist will also try and make the patient more aware of their energy in the body and this will help them to be more aware of the energy that they have. Doing this will make them more calm and give them the chance to be calmer.

Polarity therapy is a great cure for so many people and has great success in the form of stress relief. After the therapy session a person will feel more relaxed and a happier person. It is a great way to take away the tension and bring out a stronger person and help them a lot.


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