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If you are in the market for a unique good luck charm you might want to look to the seas for inspiration. Many people associate good fortune with sea voyages especially anyone who has ancestors or relatives who made livings as seamen. The anchor of hope good luck charm is ideal for anyone that finds the ocean as a source of inspiration and hope.

The anchor of hope good luck charm is an ancient design that mariners used to wear for good fortune. However, there is also a mystical association with this particular good luck charm that may be a little surprising to some. Most trinkets are thought to only help in bringing fortune to the wearer but the anchor of hope is a little different.

What makes this particular design a little unusual is its connection to mystical spells. The anchor of hope good luck charm is thought to be useful in casting love spells. The purpose of this trinket is to create a connection between lovers no matter how far apart they are.

The good luck charm is also thought to help those who are far apart remember each other fondly. This is what makes this item so romantic in nature. At first, you might consider the idea of casting spells to keep yourself close to someone’s heart a little underhanded. However, the idea of using the good luck charm as a sort of remembrance is quite lovely.

You may wonder what would make someone choose to purchase an anchor of hope good luck charm today. There are plenty of different situations that may benefit from this superstitious charm. Following are some ideas that you may want to consider before choosing a good luck charm for yourself.

People use this good luck charm to make amends. The anchor is supposed to help those who are drifting apart closer. Some believe that the trinket will actually mend a broken heart which makes this item a great present for someone who is feeling down. Some believe that the anchor of hope will help to sort out misunderstandings and make a solid bond between two people that can not be broken.

While these notions are quite fascinating in themselves, remember that the idea of using the trinket may be more psychological than mystical. The symbolism of the anchor of hope is the real spell that is cast through this good luck charm.


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  1. I’m not a huge boat person but I’ve always loved anchors. It’s what they stand for, strong, sturdy, steadfast, anchors are cool, I have my fair share of shirts with anchors all over them. I like the idea of Refusing to Sink. I’m always up for a good love spell and my boyfriend and I are long distance so this would be perfect for us. Thanks for sharing Daisy 🙂

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