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When it comes to organizing events for children, you know that the biggest challenge is to keep them entertained and engaged in activities suitable for their age. If you want your child’s birthday party to be a hit or you want the entire family to have fun and spend quality time together, you need to find something everybody will love doing. While there are many things children can do and enjoy, the hardest part is to have their attention and engagement hooked in for longer periods of time. No matter how interesting a game looks, a child can rapidly lose his or her interest in what is going on.

Well, this year, do things differently. You are going to find out how to keep children entertained, even the entire family if that’s your plan while investing a minimum amount of effort and without overspending. Wondering what can keep kids busy for hours? Just make a kids escape room and you will see that entertainment is guaranteed for hours to come. Don’t worry, as these escape rooms are more than suitable for children, so there will be no risks involved. Plus it’s something you can do in the safety and comfort of your home, where you can keep an eye on everyone. Taking kids to venues that can offer escape rooms can be a way to make sure they have a great time, but why do it when you can offer the same degree of fun with fewer expenses?

There are special escape room kits you can use at home, saving both money and time. Besides such a kit, you will only need food, drinks and some snacks, in case the young adventurers get hungry. How to get your hands on such an escape room kit? Lock Paper Scissors has everything figured out for you. You just need to download the game kit you consider most interesting, print all the provided materials as instructed, and play the game no matter where you are. Forget about wasting money on entertainers, magicians, special decors and all sorts of props meant to give children a chance to have fun. By simply printing a kit that will help you create an exciting escape room, you will be able to throw a party everyone will remember for years.

Lock Paper Scissors is specialized in providing kits destined to be used for the creation of escape rooms anywhere and at any time. Besides the possibility to print existing kits, you can also create your own kit, if you have sufficient creativity and imagination. It is worth mentioning that these kits are not just for children’s rooms or kids parties. They can be easily used for the entertainment of your entire family, friends, or even team. If you are looking for activities meant to strengthen the bonds between your team’s members, experiencing an escape room together.

An escape room is an ideal solution for a family reunion, anniversary, or any other event that brings people together. It is the kind of activity that can be enjoyed both by adults and children, so you should definitely have this in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for fun activities that have the power to bring the family together or you find yourself in the situation of throwing a birthday party for your child. Just print the kits provided by Lock Paper Scissors, order some pizza, have some sodas around, and the party will certainly be a hit. Such a kit is great for teachers as well if they want to organize fun events in the classroom, giving children a chance to socialize, spend time together, and collaborate with the purpose of finding the best solutions. It is well-known that children learn best with the help of games, so you can use an escape room to make this happen. If you think that the kids within a classroom are not close enough as peers, getting them all engaged in a fun activity will certainly solve this matter.

lost mummy diy kitWhat kind of escape room kits are available? Lock Paper Scissors gives you the chance to set up escape rooms with various themes. The Lost Mummy, The Disappearance of Mr. George, or Rebel Revolt are just a few examples of the games that are already available online. In exchange for a small fee, the kit will provide absolutely everything you need to create the perfect escape room. You will also get instructions on how to use all the materials you will download and print. Practically, you will be guided every step of the way, so there are no risks for you to fail setting up an escape room properly. Lock Paper Scissors is so confident that the kit will allow everyone to have a blast that you have a money-back guarantee for the kit. If you won’t love it and if everyone involved won’t have fun playing the game, you will get the money you spent back.

So, are you up for an escape room? The youngest members of the family and their friends will definitely love the idea. Just try it and you’ll see how easy it is to set up a fun and exciting activity. Even if you’ll set up a kids escape room, there are high chances you’ll want to be part of the game as well. Fun is guaranteed when you have everything you need to make it happen.


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