first trimester pregnancy

Being in your first trimester of pregnancy can be shocking, exciting and overwhelming as you anticipate the birth of your child and all of the changes and joys it will bring to your life. However, the first trimester can be a real rollercoaster ride with a mix of many highs and lows. While you may not be “showing” as much as you will down the road, NOW is the most critical time to take care of yourself as the foundations of your baby’s body and health are being laid. Here are 5 keys to a healthy and happy first trimester to help you successfully navigate this exciting and challenging time in your pregnancy and life.

1. Have a Good Support System in Place

Having a good support system in place for your pregnancy is key to your own well-being. You will want to tell at least a couple of people that you are pregnant. Having a small group of family members and friends there to support you emotionally is incredibly powerful and necessary to help you through this challenging and exciting time.

PRC Charlotte advises that it is especially helpful to have a few mothers to share and consult with along the way who have experienced what you are currently going through. You will want a few people besides your doctor and spouse to be able to ask questions, confide in and share your experiences with. For example, you might have symptoms that seem strange or funny to you that you would like to ask a friend about, knowing that she will listen and answer you without judgment or ridicule. Make sure to build that small but powerful circle of support as soon as you feel comfortable sharing your exciting news.

If you don’t have trustworthy or supportive people around you, reach out to organizations that mentor pregnant women and have a mission to empower pregnant women.

2. Find an Excellent Midwife

Every doctor or midwife or nurse practitioner has their own “bedside manner” and way of caring for and relating to their patients. It is up to you to find a birth professional that suits your needs and preferences the best. Interviewing several people can be a very wise use of your time. You want to find a professional who you have a good rapport with and someone you feel confident will provide you with the best care, take the time to answer all of your questions, and provide you with the guidance you need to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Ask family members and friends for recommendations. Look at online reviews. They can be an excellent resource. Also, check with your health insurance company to make sure you know what options are available to you.

3. Learn How to Manage Your Nausea

Nausea is one of the big challenges during the first trimester of pregnancy. Here are some great tips to help you deal with this.

Try to eat something before getting too far into your morning routine. You might even want to have a high protein snack like nuts on your nightstand to eat before you even get out of bed.

Ginger can help. Preparing a ginger tea of hot water and a few slices of fresh ginger can relieve your nausea. Take it easy on the ginger to prevent any complications to your pregnancy.

Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water. You can always add some flavor if you need to mix things up, but make sure you stay hydrated.

Keep yourself busy. When you stay busy it can help keep your mind off of being sick. It really does work for many women.

Try sucking on peppermints or lemon candy, they may also help.

Go for walks and stay active.

Eat frequent, small meals. Make sure to eat plenty of protein since there have been studies that show that eating 80-100g of protein per day can help to reduce nausea and prevent preeclampsia. Along with meat, you may also want to try protein rich foods like eggs, certain vegetables and nuts.

4. Stay Active And Get Plenty Of Sleep

It is very important to stay as active as you can while you are pregnant. There are many different activities that you can engage in, such as swimming, yoga and walking. Make sure that you consult with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity when you are pregnant. Find out what works the best for you and keep moving.

It is also very important to get plenty of sleep throughout your pregnancy, but it is especially important during the first trimester. Some women experience night sickness if they don’t go to bed early enough, but either way, make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest.

5. Eat A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Good nutrition is absolutely essential for a healthy pregnancy and new baby It is important to eat a wide range of healthy foods and to get plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables and all of essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. In the early stages of your pregnancy, it can be difficult to find foods that sound appealing. If you do find foods that sit well and are healthy stick with those as much as possible. Consult with your birth professional for more advice and recommendations.

It is also a good idea to take a prenatal vitamin. It can be challenging to do this during the first trimester, but there are a number of different brands that you can try. Again, consult with your birth professional for more advice.

Being pregnant is such a joyous and exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. Follow the 5 tips above to help increase your chances of having a healthy and happy first trimester and you will be well on your way to having a successful pregnancy and healthy baby in no time!


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