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There are people who opt to try alternative medicine. More often than not, these are the individuals who have tried every prescription drug or medical procedure necessary to treat their ailments to no avail. But there are also those who intend to stay fit and healthy, not only through diet and exercise but by their overall lifestyle as well, including relying on crystals to maintain their health.

Read on below to have a good insight on whether healing gems and crystals can do wonders for your health.

How do crystals work?

Crystals are known to have the power to channel your energy levels, giving your body the opportunity to heal from the inside. In this case, crystals open up your body to allow the flow of positive energy while blocking negative energy from entering your system. These precious stones also have the capability to induce the placebo effect, which is backed up by science to aid in medical treatment.

Your mind is at work during a placebo effect, convincing your body that the alternative treatment is an actual treatment that can address the issues in your health. This can in turn stimulate healing because of the will of your body to do so, believing that the treatment is effective. While placebos won’t necessarily cure you of your ailments, it can definitely help you feel better.

How are crystals used?

In this modern-day and age, you will be able to find various crystal accessories. Some come in the form of prayer beads, while others are designed as jewelry. Through the latter, the healing stone jewelry for intention such as quartz or jasper is able to showcase their natural beauty while being worn on your body. Aside from this, crystal decors are also now prominent, along with coasters, pipes, and even water bottles.

Different Types of Crystals

You can choose from a wide variety of crystals, depending on what you intend to address by using these healing gems.


There is clear quartz and there is also rose quartz. The former is considered as the master healer that amplifies the levels of energy in your body. It is also known to improve your memory and concentration, as well as stimulate your immune system. On the other hand, rose quartz leans towards love and a harmonious relationship. Thus, it may not complement your physical healing, but it can aid in restoring your close ties and connections. Not only this, but rose quartz can also lift up the spirit of those who are in grief.

Jasper and Obsidian

Jasper is known as the nurturing crystal because it blocks off any negative energy. In this way, you are protected from stress and anxiety which leads to reasonable thinking. Jasper is also known as the precious stone that can empower you and enhance your confidence. Conversely, while obsidian can also shield you against emotional negativity, it can also promote your strength. Physically, it can help aid in digestion and detoxification, as well as alleviate abdominal pains and cramps.

Citrine and Tiger’s Eye

Citrine is a precious stone that can help you attract positivity and enthusiasm. It can also encourage optimism and motivation, which are beneficial, particularly when you are having a hard time in school or at work. Aside from this, citrine is also known to boost your creativity and concentration. On the other hand, a tiger’s eye also has motivational capabilities. It can help you get rid of fear or anxiety and even self-doubt. Just like with citrine, a tiger’s eye is also a good stone to keep in case of challenging encounters in your career. The reason behind this is that it will be able to provide balance and harmony that can lead to sound decision-making. This empowers us to make our own decisions rather than just reacting to outside influences. It gives us more control over our lives. There are many meanings for tiger’s eye crystal, but it is most commonly associated with courage, power, and protection.


This gem is known to restore your balance while finding your spiritual ground. Not only can this provide healing to your physical body, but it can also ease your mind and calm your spirit as well. Because of this, a lot of people regard this stone as a lucky charm.


Amethyst can pave the way for spiritual wisdom and promote sobriety. It can also aid you to have a high-quality sleep. Thereby, if you are suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders, make sure that you have this stone by your bedside. It can even help you interpret your dreams. Physically, amethyst is known to promote hormone production and relieve stress.


Moonstone can encourage inner growth and strength. Aside from this, moonstone is also known to help people start anew. Hence, if you have a new job or if you are starting a new relationship, keeping a moonstone close to you may just do you good. It is also known to invite positive energy and inspiration, bringing forth good fortune.

Bloodstone and Ruby

Bloodstone can help regulate your blood circulation by cleansing your blood of negative energies. It can also heighten your creativity and idealism while helping you get rid of feelings of aggressiveness and impatience. On the contrary, make use of ruby if you intend to increase your energy level. It can also bring forth self- awareness, and realization. Like bloodstone, ruby has been used to remove toxins from the blood to improve its circulation.


Sapphire is a blue stone that is known to be a sign of wisdom. Not only this, but it is also known to attract prosperity and happiness. Physically, sapphire can enhance your vision while easing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Crystals have been used to complement healing for many years. While you will not be cured of your ailments and diseases using these crystals alone, they can certainly make you feel much better. You can wear them on your body as jewelry or use them in your household as decor or functional items. You can also choose from different precious stones, depending on your purpose. The important thing to note is that your healing comes from within, and all you have to do is to believe that you will restore and maintain your health.


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