black cat in the garden

A problem many people face, especially if they have chosen not to own a cat themselves, is when neighbors’ felines keep invading their gardens and get into the home to dig and spray.

The reason cats spray is to mark their territory. However, it means that your carefully attended to and mulched, loamy garden soil can also become an appealing toilet for the cats that lurk in your neighborhood.

Other people’s pets on your property can be extremely annoying, They can also be a significant source of tension between people.

So how can you keep their cats out without harming any other animals, including humans?

For a start, you can go to iPetcompanion for cat repellent spray but other solutions are available.

If you know the owners of the cats in question you can try talking to them. But remember it is no use being confrontational. You’ll just put their backs up.

What is worth remembering is that cats will be what they are – cats! It really is unfair of us to blame cats for what their owners allow them to do.

There are laws that detail the responsibilities of a neighborhood’s cat owners. These laws tend to apply to people who own, acquire, breed, or sell cats.

Perhaps you can produce a flyer to politely inform any or all of your neighbors that their kitty is causing you problems.

If the cat owners continue to fail to keep their cat in order and out of your garden, there are many other deterrents and repellents you could try.

To find cat deterrents go to iPetcompanion for cat repellent spray.

Here are some other things you could try.

Remember one deterrent that has an effect on one cat may not work on another.

The most recommended non-commercial deterrents include:

Water: Cats absolutely hate it. It’s wise to keep a water pistol in a handy place so that you squirt some spray when you see invading cats in your yard. Sprays with hoses also work well. What you can do is fit a sprinkler and turn it on in the areas where you don’t want to see them.

Cats are hugely deterred by wet ground, which they hate. You could also try having the sprinkler on a timer. There are also motion-activated sprinklers that can be set up to go off when a cat is detected. When you shift the sprinkler around on a regular basis the cats can’t fathom how to avoid them.

Scarecrow Sprinklers: This sense when any animals are moving in a particular area. They operate very much in a similar way to security lights. They detect movement and heat.

What happens is that when an animal is seen the system opens a valve that instantly releases a pulse spray of water.

As far as most cats are concerned, a combination of sudden noise, the shock of movement, and squirts of water are enough to frighten them away.

Dogs: traditionally canines and felines steer well clear of each other so if you can, borrow a friend’s dog. It will stop the cats from being so curious about your property.


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