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Qualities of a perfect wife

It’s one of the hardest decisions that a man must make in his life, but at one point or another, he will have to get engaged. The sad reality of life is that men are hasty in their decisions, especially when it comes to getting engaged. But one should be more cautious about it and look out for some qualities of a good wife.

She’s a good partner

This includes a multitude of ideal wife qualities rather than one. To be a good partner is to be empathetic, be reliable and kind. In this case, a good partner is the …

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7 fun facts about stars to get your children excited about astronomy

I have always found astronomy to be an interesting subject as it aims to explain to us the many mysteries of our universe. And what is our universe if not a huge mystery? From our planet to the billions of stars in outer space, there are many questions that still need answers.

Our planet earth, which is humongous, is only a tiny speck in our solar system, which is among the many other solar systems that exist. These solar systems further have their suns, planets, moons, and stars. Getting your child to show interest in astronomy is not a tough …

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Getting pregnant: 7 tips for the miracle to happen

The time has come, and you feel it. A baby is wanted by two people willing to love him or her unconditionally. Once you are ready to start a family, waiting is a virtue. However, if you wish to be a mother or father as soon as you can, this article might help you with some do’s and don’ts to make it happen faster. However, if the reader is a man, bear in mind these tips are direct to women’s conception.

1. Lining a healthy life

Exercising is a healthy habit that all human beings should pay attention to. Having …

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