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Hemp smoking is a centuries-old practice still enjoyed by many. Yet not many people know about CBD and hemp, unlike its psychoactive variant [Marijuana]. Many people are still discovering it for the first time.

The countless health benefits of CBD are gaining widespread coverage, making it an important attribute to adding new smokers each day. Let’s go over a few key points about Mr. Hemp Flower CBD and hemp that a beginner needs to know.

How Are CBD Cigarettes Made?

CBD cigarettes are made from hemp flowers. These flowers grow on the cannabis plant. Cannabis is usually associated with marijuana and weed, however, there are many more cannabinoids and compounds that are found in the cannabis plant.

Hemp flowers are the female variant of cannabis. They grow hemp buds. These buds don’t look like regular flowers. They’re planted organically, harvested, chopped, and dried off completely.

Once the drying process is complete, they resemble a little nugget-like look, instead, it’s a medicinal flower. You can either ingest the flower as is or crush/grind and place it in a rolling paper to make a hemp cigarette or blunt.

However, if you’re more inclined in trying different ways of smoking, you can use a pipe, a bong, hemp cigar, vaping, and many more fun ways to smoke CBD.

Why You Should Smoke CBD?

CBD is basically hemp without the THC and its psychoactive effects, and all the intoxicating high. However, since it’s associated with cannabis and marijuana, people ask why smoke a less potent version of the flowers?

They’ll be looking over a ton of real and proven health benefits. The hemp buds might be a less potent version of the cannabis flowers, however, their low THC content is what gives them all the amazing health benefits.

For starters, they taste amazing, they have a pleasant smell. It’s a milder substitute for tobacco. Making it a viable substitute for tobacco, especially if you’ve developed a nicotine addiction. CBD cuts out all the harsh and noxious elements of tobacco and nicotine, helping you overcome tobacco addiction. Its effect is two-fold.

Health Benefits Of CBD

Smoking CBD has been associated with treating many health conditions. It is also an amazing option to help control anxiety and depression.

The relaxing effects that marijuana creates are followed by a series of intense undesirable side-effects, such as headaches, depression, mood swings, only to name a few.

Due to the low THC content in CBD, it has proven to be far more beneficial in treating health concerns and has no side effects. Unless of course if you overdose on it. In such a case, you might feel a bit nauseated, vomiting, stomach pain, dry mouth, red eyes, etc. CBD is beneficial for daily stress management as well.

You might’ve seen how cancer patients, going through chemotherapy, start to feel nauseated and constantly vomit making it hard to keep anything down for a long time. That happens due to the highly potent drugs used in chemo.

CBD smokes are the perfect remedy to this. It not only treats nausea and vomiting, but it also stimulates the appetite. Furthermore, CBD helps in reducing the cancer-generating cells from the body. However, there is only some amount of truth to this common belief that only dedicated research on the matter would suggest its truth.

How Much CBD Should You Smoke?

Doses and quantity aren’t really much of a problem when it comes to hemp. Since the CBD concentration will vary from plant to plant, it would be really hard to determine how much you need to smoke for different purposes.

On the bright side, humans can take in a significant amount of CBD and still function normally. So there’s no need to worry about overdosing here. However, the smart thing would be to smoke in smaller quantities and only take in the amounts that are required.

However, unlike weed or marijuana, the effects of CBD only last for about 5-6 hours. So if you’re going for a full effect, you might want to smoke more than twice to roughly stay into the zone for a longer period.

Since it’s not as harsh and noxious as tobacco, the newly switched individuals might need higher concentrated CBD smokes since the less potent ones might be insufficient.

But keep in mind that even if you can’t overdose on CBD, you might still feel a bit of headache, dry mouth, and red eyes from overdosing on it. It’s best to avoid it since there is no sense in wasting it.

CBD Cigarettes Are Legal

The stigma attached to hemp joints has been running around for quite a while now. Since the differences are technical, most people fail to see through it.

However, the confusion is understandable since they’re both basically from the same plant. The only difference is that marijuana is cultivated for THC, whereas, CBD is more for medical purposes.

The latter, known as industrial hemp, would be the worst choice to make. They’re harsh, smell awful, have a weird earthy flavor, and will probably give you a headache.

Furthermore, the 2018 US farm bill was a huge changing point for the hemp industry. By law, CBD cannot carry more than 0.3% of THC. Also known as Delta-9.

If the concentration exceeds this limit, it would be classified as marijuana. Following that, hemp was legalized in all 50 states in the US.

All the psychoactive compounds get removed from hemp, leaving pure CBD concentrations.

It might not get you high but it has a very pleasant taste and smell. However, keep in mind, when purchasing and consuming CBD, make sure there are no traces of hemp leaves present. Smoking the leaves along with the flowers will definitely give you a headache. You only need the flowers and no other parts of the plant.

To Sum Up

Starting CBD smoking is the healthier alternative to smoking almost anything else. It won’t affect your ability to think clearly. Furthermore, it doesn’t carry any harmful contaminants so it’s completely safe for your lungs.

The best part is that CBD is non-addictive and cannot be overdosed. So that cuts out the two biggest health concerns related to smoking.


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