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Why everyone should try an escape room at least once in their lives

Did you know that there are over 2300 escape rooms now in the United States alone? Their popularity is growing because of the incredible benefits of getting locked up in an escape room.

Escape rooms have incredible benefits for everyone including couples, groups, corporate team building, individuals, and children. There are life skills everyone can learn and memories that will last a lifetime.

By adding some mystery, adventure, fun and strategy to your day, you are sure to walk out stronger than you were before you started.

But what exactly do escape rooms offer that makes them so beneficial for …

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children painting class
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Top 6 advantages of children’s art lessons

You’ve’ probably found yourself asking the question, “What’s in a children’s art lesson?” Today we will explore the top 6 advantages of enrolling your kids in art lessons.

Simply put, art is the most effective way to figure out a child’s mental activity and to impact on the same.

This has two key implications. First, when a child expresses themselves through art, the details of their product communicate their current mental perception and representation of reality. For a care giver, this suggests that they can easily tell what their child is ‘thinking about’ and, given that brain and emotion are …

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5 innovative elements for the modern home

It’s amazing how much has changed in homes when you look back on the designs of 20 years ago. Gone are the long hallways and multiple partitions; open spaces are the current trend. Flaunting figurines and china on top of furniture have now been replaced with sticking to a minimalist, no-frills interior. There’s no denying how homes have evolved along with the times.

It’s not about simply trying out new things; it’s about adapting to one’s needs and preferences. These modern home innovations have not only simplified home design details but have also improved the daily lives of homeowners across …

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